Leading British Software Firm Successfully Digitally Archives 50,000 PDF files

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BackOffice Pro (BOP), a leading data management company, supports the data management requirements for global organizations to help them in handling their data and preserve them. Clients trust us from across the world for data management, data entry, data conversion, data processing, and so on.


The Client – Leading UK-based Software Firm

Based in the U.K. in Berkshire, the client is a leading business intelligence software company that helps connect four areas of digital transformation, including Hybrid IT Management; Enterprise DevOps; Security, Risk, and Governance; and Predictive Analytics. Boasting over $4 billion in annual revenues, the client helps companies transform their business through customer-centric innovation. Their software allows companies to build on their current capabilities and minimize risk during digital transformation.

Project Requirements – Digital Archiving of Data

The client wanted to digitally archive their paper documents and convert into Excel, Word, HTML, and JPEG. They needed a full-time data management outsourcing company to partner with who could work with them continuously.

After a series of inquiries, they decided to contract our fulltime services due to our previous experience working with Stock Exchange listed and Fortune 500 companies. We also have an experience handling data management for sophisticated business intelligence tools so that the requisite knowledge base and skill sets could be applied to this important project. Also, our ability to meet fluctuating deliverable quantity requests set by the client on any given day.





50,000 PDF Files

Software / Application

MS Excel

Challenges in the Digital Archiving Project

BOP faced several challenges during the course of the services for this scanning, digital archiving, and data entry project including the pace of the work was both demanding and time intensive about the sheer volume of the documents. Additionally, the delivery speed changed depending on certain internal requirements that the client was dealing with at any given time. Some of the handwritten documents also presented challenges for the OCR capabilities in our sophisticated automatic scanners.

BOP’s Customized Process for the Digital Archiving Project

BOP approached this project with the mindset of mitigating challenges while executing a successful project pipeline from start to completion:

  • BOP completed a 1-day client requested a trial project consisting of 6 PDFs converted into Excel and delivered through Dropbox. Upon quick client approval, the full-time contract went into effect, and BOP assembled a team of 20 FTE data entry, conversion, and management specialists.
  • The client shared over 50,000 PDF documents that required scanning, digital archiving, and data entry. The BOP team started by scanning the paper documents using automated scanners to capture special fonts and characters with greater degrees of accuracy.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software was utilized for a faster conversion, which ensured there was no loss of any original handwritten, typed, and printed data. Data enhancement, validation, deduplication, and discrepancy resolution was performed before the data entry process.
  • Careful quality checks were performed by a Quality Control lead for all converted batches to verify 100% error-free data. Completed files were delivered daily, where it was approved by the client’s team.

Exceptional Steps Taken to Better Meet the Client’s Requirements

BOP took extra steps to help the process go more smoothly and streamline the client’s workflow, including developing a custom database with a simple search function for more easily readable and digestible information.

Digital Archiving Project Takeaways

BackOffice Pro continues to successfully work with the client on this long-term data archival and management project with the following takeaways occurring:

  • The client is benefitting from a 60% cost savings while outsourcing with BOP and has turned over data management across several different verticals to our team.
  • BOP’s ability to swiftly scale the volume of the documents we were able to complete in a short amount of time is an invaluable resource for the client.
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