Outsourcing to Freelancers vs. Companies

Increasingly, outsourcing is becoming one of the most effective ways to reduce costs incurred by your company and to improve the quality of the final product. However, there are many options when outsourcing. One decision you need to make is between freelancers vs. companies. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of outsourcing to freelancers versus the benefits of outsourcing to a dedicated company offshore.

Outsourcing to Freelancers

When you outsource to freelancers vs. companies, you often pay significantly less than you would to a larger company. There are no infrastructure costs for freelancers as overhead is practically nonexistent. Freelancers can ensure your project is completed and turned around quickly, ensuring you have what you need right away. If you find a freelancer you can trust that does good work, it can save you significant amounts of money over hiring a company.

The problem arises in that freelancers are not always dependable. Even somebody who communicates effectively and is available daily is not available every hour of the day and may be unavailable due to family emergencies or if they have a full workload from other clients. A company does not have these issues as it can scale its efforts depending on how many projects come in at once.

Offshoring to a Company

When offshoring to a company, you benefit from 24/7 availability. You also no longer have to depend on only one person and you can scale the tasks that you outsource much faster. You don’t have to manage multiple freelancers – often there’s only one point of contact – and you will benefit from controlled quality systems managed by the company.

Additionally, there’s a much lower data security risk and you can escalate quickly if a problem develops with the handling of your project. You also have access to genuine software and tools that are regularly updated to stay abreast of new technology, and you can rely on the company to maintain protection of your content and back up everything as it’s developed. Companies also offer legal protection with NDAs and SLA compliance.

If you are a small company or only need a limited number of tasks completed, outsourcing to a freelancer is often a cost effective solution. However, for larger companies or for much bigger projects, consider the benefits of hiring a company that provides all the features listed above. When it comes to freelancers vs. companies, companies often win out because of their ability to scale their efforts and match your specific business needs.

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