Outsourcing Model for Improved Businesses Process Management

To achieve performance benefits, the right supportive business process mechanisms need to be in place, driving organizational effectiveness. Business process management includes non-essential business tasks that need to be executed with a high level of proficiency, but don’t contribute to main business objectives. This may include logistics, accounting, record management, human resources, payroll, and IT services, to name a few. Well managed business processes equate to higher degrees of operational efficiency and performance.

BackOffice Pro (BOP) aims at building strategies that coordinate people, systems, and data at the core of your organizational operations. BOP’s outsourcing model, acts as an extension of your organization by filling the gaps with structured teams, modern technologies, and the educational tools to give your business the freedom to work on core functions.

BOP specializes in improving business process management for organizations all over the world, providing companies with an opportunity to modernize, scale, analyze, and grow their business processes. As an established international outsourcing firm, we have integrated a comprehensive outsourcing model designed to handle all kinds of back-office tasks swiftly. Organizations can stay focused on continued cost reduction, receive support for top and middle management, and drive their business strategies forward with BOP.

Overcoming Business Process Challenges

Only 45% of companies have a structured process to growth, which means a majority of organizations aren’t prioritizing their business processes and establishing effective management strategies to meet goals.

Optimizing business processes is challenging considering the proclivity of human error and miscommunication, and difficulties in ensuring stakeholders are focused on their specific role requirements. These issues are compounded by problems connecting IT departments with the Line of Business (LOB). Businesses also face impediments to progress due to insufficient equipment, facilities, and staff. Outsourcing business processes give organizations immediate access to resources which are equipped to handle business process protocols in an evolving, nimble model of service deployment.

Advantages of outsourcing business process management include cost savings, a standardized and commercialized approach to business operations, and a consistent delivery model. It also helps business leaders and management deliver higher quality outcomes by improving and transforming business processes. Forbes states that executive managers and boards need to focus on optimizing business processes because they “embody how an organization makes decisions, and this is a vital lever to use when improving operational effectiveness.”

Five Core Business Process Deployments for Transformation

Business process management should adapt around outcome-based contracts that work with a company’s compliance strategies without interrupting core functionality.

There are five main; outcome faced deployments to help companies reinvent and transform their business operations. With business process expertise, strategic data and analytics applications, specialized intelligence, and advanced technologies, a business can achieve heightened productivity and efficiency across industries.

  • Specialized
    Real-time insights support business results and enhance internal productivity and overall performance.
  • Robust
    Automated digital technologies to increase speed and accuracy, and help businesses achieve IT goals.
  • Data and
    Analytics Optimization:
    Quick adaption and decision making are enhanced with complex data and analytics optimization that instills confidence in the critical business information.
  • Industry Expertise
    and Alignment:
    Understanding client values and modifying an outsourcing approach to suit business goals and fits with your company profile. Deliverables are designed around client needs, with the flexibility to suit changing requirements. Includes an agile workforce of on-demand resources with domain, industry, and process specialization.
  • Customized
    Deployment Strategy:
    The transition to outsourcing business management needs is more likely to reach its best potential when based on a proven deployment strategy. This begins with smaller initiatives to establish proven success rates before expanding to more substantial undertakings. 

Business Process Management Models

Improving business process management is easier when relying on an organized outsourcing model that is capable of scaling and accommodating industry specialization. BOP’s business process outsourcing models accommodate various frameworks for better management and control of critical as well as non-critical business processes at a competitive price.

Horizontal frameworks deal with the development of business processes that are typically focused on reuse and technology. Solutions are generalized to be effectively and successfully deployed across industries, such as finance and accounting. Vertical frameworks focus on specific sets of well-coordinated activities and tasks and offer pre-built templates that can be quickly configured and executed.

The Business Process Management market is projected to reach $13 billion by 2021, which stresses the impact of what successful business process management allows companies to achieve. BPO solutions are subcategorized to add additional value and provide more in-depth customization when engaging with a company’s business process management needs. It also ensures that companies can monopolize on effective, repeatable processes.

Fostering Innovation with Functional Business Process Management

BackOffice Pro is following a strict standard of end-value based, functional outsourcing models, and this is reflected in our customized approach to business process management. Business process development, integration, management, and improvement strategies help organizations stimulate growth while lowering operational cost. To know more about our engagement model, customized pricing structure, or to discuss your requirements in detail, contact us today.