Outsource Animatics Services

When it comes to producing a film or an animated feature, the first step is to outline exactly how it will unfold with detailed storyboards. Animatics allow film producers, marketing teams and directors to actively engage with their scripts by creating animated storyboards that perfectly capture the essence of the projected finished product.

Back Office Pro allows you to outsource animatics for a number of different types of creative projects. From feature films to short marketing pieces, educational films to corporate presentations, we can produce animatics that perfectly capture the essence of what you want your final product to look like, expediting the production process.

Why Outsource Animatics Services?

Development of detailed animatics is vital to the development of a film or animated piece, but it is also quite time consuming and requires a careful eye for detail. Often, production can be delayed waiting for accurate animatics to be produced and approved. These blueprints need to be exactly right before the full project can go into the production phase and an offshore team can make this possible.

By outsourcing your animatics needs, you will get a frame-by-frame representation of your projected finished product complete with technical details, aesthetic points and a storyboard, all finely animated to show how the process will unfold. By outsourcing you can ensure that only highly qualified professionals will work on your project and that the animatics can be produced and returned to you as quickly as possible - well within your schedule and budget.

Why OutsourceAnimatics to Back Office Pro?

Because we have worked with so many industries and creative professionals in the development of their products, we can produce animatics that match the specific needs of your production from start to finish.

We offer both semi and full animatic services, in illustrated 2D and in full 3D depending on the specific needs and depth of your storyboard. We can also work with you to determine the best way to present the information in your scripts in animatic form and we can produce animatics for a wide range of products including films, animated features, commercials, marketing pieces, corporate presentations, educational films, and web videos.

Benefits of BOP Animatics Services

Back Office Pro offers many benefits to those seeking professional animatics services from an offshore firm. To start, we can ensure that your finished product will be exactly as you have envisioned it by maintaining strict quality standards, adhering to ISO standards for all of our teams. We also perform regular reviews of work quality and have a large team that can be scaled to match your needs so projects are completed as needed quickly and within your budget.


Choose BOP for Animatics Services

If the time has come to outsource animatics, contact the experts of Back Office Pro today to learn more about what we can do for you.