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At BackOffice Pro (BOP) we have a global reputation for excellence in audio or video transcriptions for universities and colleges worldwide. We provide a wide range of academic transcription services to clients at many of the top-ranked academic institutions around the globe.

For more than a decade, we have been a reliable partner to university data service providers, from transcription and translation agencies to data conversion and data entry service providers. We offer custom university research transcription solutions at a range of turnaround times, as well as different contracting formats and multiple format options.If you require assistance with any University Transcription Services, do not hesitate to reach out to our team using the contact form on our website.

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University Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

With many years of experience in the field, we understand that our clients often have specific needs, to contend with this we offer our area specific skills which include:

  • Diverse Experience - Our team members have in-depth experience and knowledge with diverse backgrounds in academic, legal, and medical transcription.
  • Highly Trained Typists - Our team is made up of transcriptionists with typing speeds of 70 WPM or more, and a 98% accuracy rating.
  • Experienced With Industry Standard Software Systems - This includes highly-technical academic indexing and annotations, and specialized transcription software.
  • Highly Proficient at Lecture Captioning - Our team has several years worth of captioning services for complex academic lectures.
  • Custom University Lecture Transcription Experience- We create academic custom transcriptions involving speech to text (STT) and speech recognition (SR).
  • Editing, Grammar Check and Proofing Skills - University transcription requires meticulous editing and proofing, which is why our transcriptionists are hand-picked for their language proficiency.

University Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro offers a wide range of academic transcription services which include:

  • Audio TranscriptionWe produce transcripts of excellent quality, to a deadline that suits your requirement and your budget. We also offer a series of transcript formats or add-ons to suit your requirements, for example, full verbatim for language analysis, time coding or post Production Scripts.
  • Video Transcription We can provide video transcriptions in any of the following three packages: VIDEO AUDIO-Transcription of the dialogue in the video. VIDEO AUDIO + ON-SCREEN TEXT - Transcription of the dialogue in the video, including text displayed on-screen. VIDEO AUDIO + TIME CODING - Transcription of the dialogue in the video with time coding.
  • Standard Video Transcription This is an intelligent verbatim transcript which does not include words like ums and ah, repeated words, emotions, background noises and meaningless prompts by the IV. However, it does include half sentences, verbiage, and repeated short phrases.
  • Smart Video Transcription This is a transcript which excludes ‘you know’, ‘I mean’, ‘sort of’, ‘kind of’, ‘like’, etc., emotions, background noises, the unnecessary use of ‘right’ and ‘okay’, meaningless prompts by the IV and repeated short phrases but includes half sentences.
  • Custom Transcription Our integrated custom transcription services are available for a wide range of applications and needs, including machine transcription solutions.
  • Media Tagging Solutions We provide custom transcription solutions to universities looking to better manage their audio or video libraries.
  • Academic Material Transcription This includes transcriptions of various university-specific material formats including classroom lecture transcriptions, seminar transcriptions, dissertation transcriptions, thesis transcriptions, conference transcriptions, debate transcriptions, research transcriptions, transcription of presentations, etc.

Benefits of Availing
Our University Transcription Services

Because we have worked with many universities worldwide, BackOffice Pro has a strong understanding of how the industry works and can thereby offer numerous benefits in using our services, these include:

  • Assistance With Paperwork We understand that sometimes research projects are funded through grants, and we are willing to work through the paperwork that sometimes necessitates.
  • Well-Trained Team Members We have an amazing team of transcriptionists who are highly trained in grammar, punctuation, transcription standards and even Google researching, allowing us to produce excellent quality transcripts.
  • Versatile Services By choosing a quality transcription service provider, you can also typically access other language solutions in addition to transcription such as translation, proofreading, and copy-editing.
  • Accelerated Turnaround Times Our standard turnaround time is much faster than most transcription services.
  • Varied Project Accommodation We can accommodate small or large projects of over 1, 000 recorded audio or video hours.
  • Budget Assurance When working with universities and students we understand how important budgeting a project is. When we set up our pricing structure, we took this into account. This is why you always know up front exactly how much you will pay.


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At BackOffice Pro, we build strong and transparent working relationships with our clients. By delivering high-quality outputs, we give our clients exactly what they need while also saving them time and money.

By utilizing our extensive knowledge and expertise, we bring world-class transcription services straight to you. Our team is always available to offer support, guidance, and insight. Contact our team using the form on our website for full access to true quality.