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At Back Office Pro (BOP) we are well-versed in interview transcription services for a wide variety of industries in businesses around the world. Our team has over a decade of experience and utilizes world class resources to provide interview transcription services when you need it the most.

We assist clients with a varied array of interview transcription services ranging from business, medical, educational, and internet (webcast) based. We offer fair turnaround times and work with our clients to not only adhere to their budget but also assist them in reaching their goals.

Whether you need assistance with a single interview or a steady stream of work, reach out to our team using the contact form on our website and begin a rewarding experience with our interview transcription services.

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Interview Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

At Back office pro we strive to deliver skilled and quality services to all of our clients, our team is highly trained with well honed skills to assist you with your workload. Our skills include:

  • Good listening skills and can differentiate between speakers whilst also understanding heavy accents.
  • Our transcriptionists have first language proficiency, and are able to proofread their own work.
  • All of our transcriptionists are well-versed in finding additional topic-related information should it be required for the task at hand.
  • All of our transcriptionists are well-educated in a related field, and either have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent certification.
  • Our team members have extensive experience with times tamping and speaker identification formats.

Interview Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

We realise that interview formats will vary from interview to interview so we offer a range of interview transcription services to meet your needs. These include:

  • Radio And TV Radio and television shows conduct interviews from which they will pull various clips together to write a professionally polished program. Using a transcription service company that can insert time codes into these interviews is extremely helpful when searching for a particular audio or video clip to use in the program.
  • Focus Group Interviews Focus group interviews are conducted by market research companies to gather opinions on various topics and products. The companies would then hire a focus group transcription service to transcribe these interviews for analysis. Accurate speaker identification allows marketers to develop personas and understand their target customers.
  • Research Interview Transcription We have experienced, qualified typists in research transcription. Whatever your specialism, when conducting research interviews, you will most definitely be looking to have your interviews typed out in a professional, accurate and easy to read manner.
  • Webcast In today’s age most things have and are turning digital, because of this many interviews are now being conducted electronically or via an online medium. At back office pro we offer cost effective ways to preserve your online material.
  • Business Interview TranscriptionsWe understand that business interviews can come in many different forms, including one-on-one, roundtable, committee, teleconferences and even job interviews. Because of this we make sure our team is highly trained with experience in every type of business interview format available.
  • University At BackOffice Pro we transcribe any form of educational interviews including research, lecture material or personal interviews. Our team is able to transcribe the information for you, and deliver it to you as per your requirements.

Benefits of
Interview Transcription Services

At BackOffice Pro, we guarantee client satisfaction, quality interview transcription services, high quality output and much more. The benefits of working with us include:

  • Research & Interpretation of Data Transcripts help in agreement about interpretation of data, extends the range and precision of observations that can be made, and enable fellow researchers to have direct access to data. Transcribed data can be reused in other investigations and can be re-examined in the context of new findings.
  • Details for Interviewers Transcripts enable the interviewer to have a follow up and a detailed examination of the events of the interaction. Provides a source of reference for the interviewer while conducting a follow up interview.
  • Data Analysis Data is much easier to analyse from an accurately prepared transcript than it would be from the audio file alone. If the data is going to be analysed by more than one department in the business, for example, then a transcript can be quickly, confidentially and easily distributed to each relevant party.
  • Quick and Permanent Record If your market research interview is recorded and transcribed, then it acts as a permanent document that can be referred to time and time again. It’s quick, accurate and if a particular point in the interview needs to be referred to, then a transcript (with time markers if required) is much easier to flick through than an audio file.
  • Quality transcripts This includes audio recordings our services can be used to create engaging online or print content such as ebooks, brochures, and courses.
  • Highly Trained Specialists Our team is made up of trained interview transcriptionists, which guarantees an accuracy level of almost 99%, fast turnaround time (within 24 hours), stringent quality control processes, and strict security and confidentiality policy.


Our Promise to Deliver High Quality Interview Transcription Services

At BackOffice Pro we are ready and waiting to assist you with your interview transcription needs. We offer strong transparent confidence from the first word, and high quality affordable outputs within a short turnaround time.

Our team is always available to assist you with support, guidance and insights. Contact our team using the form on our website for full access to our expertise and your piece of mind.