Tradeshow Graphic Design Services

Trade shows and business networking events are a major boon for companies the world over. In a situation where everything revolves around the concepts of supply, demand, education, and profit, it’s important for every booth owner to put their best foot forward. At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we are highly adept at providing outsourcing support services to event organizers, trade show exhibitors, and management teams in creating custom trade show booth designs. Agencies also can be benefited from our expertise in creating marketing materials and tradeshow event solutions that are guaranteed to deliver results.

We excel in helping businesses achieve their event goals by adapting their brand and vision. Our affordable rates and efficient turnaround time make us a clearly defined leader in the field of exhibition booth design outsourcing.

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Exhibition Booth Design Skill Sets at BackOffice Pro

At BOP, our team members’ skills validate their experience and unparalleled professionalism. These skills include:

  • A recognized degree in Marketing, Graphic Design, Consumer Studies, Event Management, or similar.
  • A strong knowledge of creative design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, etc.
  • Adapted skills in creating exhibition booth design materials including banners, webpages, flyers, newsletters, and communication packages in an assortment of fonts, languages, and project styles.
  • In-depth industry knowledge including consumer laws, marketing etiquette, and compliance standards.
  • Several years’ on-the-ground experience working in the trade show circuit.
  • A broad expertise in prototyping tools including InVision, Principle, and Marvel.
  • A honed experience in photo editing including enhanced design elements.

Custom Tradeshow Booth Design Services from BackOffice Pro

Our team offers a wide range of services tailor-made to suit any tradeshow, exhibition or marketing needs. These services include:

Tradeshow Booth Design

  • Exhibit Design Our exhibition stall design services are perfectly aligned with your brand, helping you to make the biggest possible impact. We use industry leading tools to provide accurate 3D renderings that represent the overall concept.
  • Mobile Exhibits We offer customized mobile exhibit booth design options that allow businesses to take their products/services to the masses.
  • Modular Exhibits We excel in the creation of modular exhibits and the latest related trends using a variety of lightweight materials.

Tradeshow Element Design

  • Banner Stands We design banner stands that fit in perfectly with the branding and style of your booth. We ensure that these stands would be affordable and low-effort ways to promote your business.
  • Catalogue Stands We provide catalogue stands that are the ideal space to showcase brochures, leaflets, and other similar marketing materials that need to be prominently displayed at your booth.
  • Popup Stands Due to their compact nature and portability, popup stands are becoming increasingly popular on the tradeshow circuit. We design popup stands with remarkable graphic visibility, showcasing your brand in the best possible light.
  • Overhead Structures We design overhead trade show displays that help businesses take advantage of the full tradeshow space allotted to them. We help draw more attention to the brand, increasing visibility and improving memorability.
  • Banners/Flags Banners and flags are a popular choice at both indoor and outdoor events. We make sure that each business’ exhibition booth designs are eye-catching and flawless, funneling attention in the right direction.

Tradeshow Graphic Design

  • Brochure Design As part of our marketing collateral design service, the brochures we create guarantee effective resonance of the brand’s message and precise audience targeting.
  • Leaflet & Flyer Design We design leaflets and flyers that are enticing and punchy. These small marketing materials are one of the most efficient ways to get a company’s message across and can easily be handed out at a tradeshow without becoming cumbersome.
  • Business Card Design Our team of highly experienced designers create business cards that cater to each business’ unique style. These are one of the most important marketing materials a business can have, adding an air of pure professionalism.
  • Merchandise and Stationery Design As part of our graphic design service, we visualize and design useful, non-gimmicky merchandise and stationery that can be handed out as favors at tradeshows.

Benefits of Availing Our Trade show Display Graphics Design Service

Our design team has worked in several industries, having developed an understanding of how to create a strong brand presence at all exhibitions.

Some of the numerous benefits including in our services include:

  • Cost Effective Procedures We strive to provide our clients with competitive pricing no matter the size or complexity of the project. We also provide customized elements to better suit the clients’ budget.
  • Flexible Design Options our team at BackOffice Pro offers a varied and flexible array of design templates thereby ensuring a relatable and adequate project creation in order to best meet our client’s needs.
  • Multiple Industry Experience Our experience in each element of business, marketing, law and demand has provided a success oriented mindset that greatly benefits our clients by cutting straight to the point and enhancing the most crucial elements of their needs.
  • A Trusted Quality Our team has developed a beneficial and long-standing partnership with many of our clients; and as such quality is very importance to us. We complete several checks throughout the project process to ensure that you receive nothing less than the best.
  • Team Effort At BackOffice Pro everything is a team effort. We work round the clock to ensure your specifications are adhered to and your vision is realized. It’s important for us to capture your brand image, making sure that your exhibition stall generates interest you need most.
  • Striking and Professional Designs In working with our clients and the visions they present to us we aim to set each one apart from competitors by designing captivating trade show and exhibition stalls using colors, fonts, and images that will really speak to the audience.

Stand Out at the Next Tradeshow with BackOffice Pro

When beginning the journey of profitable impact one’s thoughts are always centered around putting your best foot forward. At BackOffice Pro we thrive on the passion our clients exude and work with a precise hand to incorporate that spirit into every aspect of the project.

Give us a call and our back-office support team will help you take your exhibition booth design ideas to the next level with our creative design services.