American Brand Design House Saved 50% Cost by Outsourcing Tradeshow Prepress Project

Trade Show Project Synopsis

The Client - Leading Brand Design Experts

A company of designers, thinkers, and achievers; the client is a group of brand design experts that are based in centralized countries like North America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. They specialize in helping business owners create a smart business marketing plan, as well as realizing an enhanced brand presence with the help of technology and a professional touch.

Working from anywhere and assisting companies of any scale, they have worked with a wide variety of clients including show organizers, meeting planners, exhibitors, and brand marketers. They provide numerous services including creative guidance, digital assistants, and event delivery.

Requirements for the Tradeshow Prepress Project

Following an online enquiry, the client contacted the team at BackOffice Pro (BOP) with a project involving prepress work for tradeshow events. The marketing materials were design layouts provided by the client in PDF format and were required to be enhanced with details and descriptions in specific text styles, colours, and alignments. The project consisted of 100 design layouts and each design with 8- 9 variations.

Challenges Tackled by Our Design Team

When working on this project, the main challenges our team faced were due to the high volume of hours required, as well as achieving appropriate alignment. In some cases, trying to combine the correct marketing feel and descriptive text with the correct content proved difficult. A wide array of concepts needed to be included and highlighted while still providing a sophisticated and professional end product.

In order to mitigate these difficulties, our team worked in sets of two per task in an effort to make faster progress. We also worked in accordance with the preferences found on their order management service to ensure the correct display was presented at the correct time.

Trade Show Graphics

Our Step-Wise Process for this Prepress Project

At BOP, our team of design experts have assisted in a wide array of marketing projects ranging from tradeshow booth design requirements to brand design and marketing collateral design. We utilized all of this experience to provide the client with a sophisticated and attractive content alignment.

Spread over 3200 hours every month, and with a team size of 40 FTEs, we followed a detailed, step-wise process to ensure consistency at all times during the project:

  • We began by logging onto the client’s order management portal.
  • The client’s marketing content was available there and we downloaded each design.
  • Uploading each design onto Adobe illustrator and InDesign; we analyzed each one carefully to ensure that we would meet the required expectations.
  • Matching the colours, fonts, and theme of each design, we began the required aligning process.
  • The finished designs were sent to our QC for quality and accuracy checking.
  • Finally, the approved designs were uploaded to the client’s online portal.


Takeaways – 50% Cost Benefit from Outsourcing to BackOffice Pro

By approaching our team for assistance on this project, the client received an enhanced design layout that went over and above the original parameters of the project. Our team worked diligently to ensure each stage was completed on time if not before, and we also saved the client 50% of the usual designing costs involved.

In instances where a specific design concept was not compatible, we provided additional services including new design modifications that allowed for broader project capabilities. The client was immensely impressed by the effort we applied and has since handed over more projects to our team.