BOP Assists Client with Innovative Marketing Mapping Solution through Large Scale Data Entry Support

About the Client

The client is a service provider of multi-channel, marketing communications and the inventor of the industry's first mapping solution for marketers - providing a unique solution for better understanding and execution of marketing and fundraising efforts. Powered by rich data insight and cutting-edge technology, they assist organizations in maximizing their ROI, working with the nation's leading brands and fundraisers in all industry sectors.

Project Requirement

Looking for ongoing data entry services, the client needed an outsourcing partner with the ability to handle between 800,000 and 2,000,000 keystrokes per day, six days per week (Monday - Saturday), with the initial project entailing keying in donation amounts and correcting key code errors. A proprietary system based on a server in the USA needed to be accessed, and keystrokes were monitored through the client’s system and reported daily.

Project Challenges

The large volume of work and resources required to complete the project proved to be a challenge, as did the complex pricing model requested by the client; a quote for services on a per keystrokes basis.

Solutions by Back Office Pro

To gain a better understanding of the project and the volume of work required, the team discussed the finer details with the client.

  • Ten resources were assigned to work exclusively on the project.
  • Only experienced employees with good typing skills were assigned to the project, as speed was a crucial factor.


Project Takeaways

The client was satisfied with the high-quality on-time delivery by the Back Office Pro team and requested for a long-term high-volume data entry project.