BOP Helped Californian Based Financial Advisory Firm with Complex Data Capturing from Online Information Dumps

Our California-based
Financial Advisory Client

Our client is a financial services and advisory firm based in California, looking for an outsourcing partner to handle online data capturing. Their firm belief in the role of small businesses in the economy has focused their attention on funding and advising small businesses. The requirement was to analyze the invoices that had been scanned and uploaded to the client’s web portal.

Requirement Details

The data was to be collected in a specific format, including details such as carrier details, dates, invoice number, billing amount, and load ID numbers. The images were of invoice sheets, lading bills, rate sheets, and other relevant documents. These were to be arranged in sequence, and captured within 1.5 hours of the request being received. A team of FTEs was assembled with the option to upscale this team during busier periods. The client contacted us by completing the contact form on our website.

Challenges Encountered by BOP’s Team

The rapid turnaround time of 1.5 hours was a challenge to adhere to, and a number of service providers have similar names, making them a challenge to filter. Also, the instructions given by the client were often complex and at times unclear.

Our Approach to This Simple-looking Complex Data Entry Project

Our team made use of our comprehensive step-wise process from first contact with the client through to completion. After a meeting with the client to ensure that every detail of the requirements was understood, the team began work on the project:

  • Five dedicated FTEs were appointed to the project.
  • Once the files got uploaded to the client’s web portal, our team retrieved the files and began the process of assigning and extracting the data.
  • After spot checks and peer verification, our team uploaded the collected data and notified the client.
  • At some occasions we even scaled up the team of FTEs to maintain the 1.5 hours turnaround time.
  • The team made use of the client’s specific Web-portal, as well as the Debtor LookUp tool, which was used to locate and sort various carriers.


Client Benefitted by 60% Savings on In-house FTE

The client benefitted from accurately and reliably data capturing and sorting from their online portal into usable, sortable databases. The client was able to reserve internal teams for more pressing tasks and saved around 60% of cost by utilizing BOP’s skilled resources.