Outsource CorporateMarketing Material Design to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is the perfect outsource partner for businesses/marketing firms & agencies and individuals who endeavor to achieve their brand/product/service recognition at minimal expenses. BOP has on-demand access to a full-service marketing material design team that manages everything from small to large projects and quick design updates to creative brainstorming.

The skilled designers at BOP use insights, storytelling, and technologies to create engaging marketing material design. These experts first listen to customers and find out their requirements, before suggesting any solutions. And, when it comes to marrying creativity & design, the professionals provide end-to-end solutions from concept to completion.

If you are looking to create creative & crisp marketing collaterals, outsource your marketing material design service to BackOffice Pro today. Contact BOP via the below-mentioned form.

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BackOffice Pro's Marketing Material Design Skillsets

BOP experienced & knowledgeable team is the best place to listen and guide you to assure your marketing materials stand out and engage. BOP team upholds following skill sets:

  • Minimum three-four years of working experience in areas like marketing, graphic design, consumer studies, or similar fields.
  • Good graphical skills, creative flair, and good color sense.
  • Strong understanding of tools such as Adobe Illustrators, InDesign, Photoshop, dobe Flash Player, and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Expert in delivering graphic design marketing materials like e-books, brochures, small booklets, posters, logos, product catalog, infographic design and graphics, etc.
  • Multilingual professionals can prepare marketing design projects in any preferred language(s).
  • Adapted skill in designing magazine/newsletter, direct mailers, logo, annual reports, and corporate identities.

Marketing Material Design Services offered at BackOffice Pro

As an outsource marketing material design firm, BOP clearly understands that professionally designed marketing collateral has an essential role in communicating businesses offering and critical messages. Thus, the BackOffice Pro team delivers designing of the following marketing materials:

  • Brochure Design BOP experienced designers work closely with customers to design impressive brochures that educate the audience about their brand/product/service and help them in developing long-term relationships.
  • Flyers & Poster Design The creative team is well-versed in designing custom flyers used for mass distribution and special promotions & launch of new services/products.
  • Catalog Design BOP's catalog design starts at a competitive price with options to meet any budget. The designers easier promote your offerings by rendering a quick bit of information via the catalog.
  • Logo Design Armed with industry experience & knowledge, BOP professionals implement all possible combinations to design effective logos, lending your business a meaningful & unique personality.
  • Banner Design BOP’s creative designers develop banners in various sizes and types depending upon the client's requirement & budget. These banner designs relay the message which is conveyed to the audience in an easy to understand design flow.

Advantage of Associating with BackOffice Pro

  • BOP team of experts has good knowledge of visual design principles, style guidelines, design processes, and creative workflow.
  • Final marketing material designs and layouts are always visually appealing, and as per brand mandates.
  • Maintain a high quality of deliverables which reduces the number of iterations. It offers up to three free revisions.
  • BOP scientifically designed marketing materials inspire higher conversion rates in your brand’s favor.
  • The expert designers never fail to maintain consistency throughout the design.
  • At BOP, professionals quickly conceptualize new ideas and implement apt methods of research to yield expected marketing material design.

Creative & Engaging Marketing Materials Design

By offering design marketing materials online, BackOffice Pro caters to every need of customers at the minimum budget and less turnaround time. BOP provided designs to manage your brand essence while explaining the benefits of your offerings.

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