Outsource Desktop Cover Design Services

Whatever your product is, it’s imperative that you create a highly engaging cover design to add to the marketability of the product. Our professional team of graphic designers and marketers at BackOffice Pro are well-versed in creating effective and eye-catching cover designs for a variety of products. We’ve done cover designs for many products, including albums, books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs, magazines, catalogs, software, and much more.

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BOP’s Vast Range of Cover Design Services

By giving your cover design tasks to us, no matter if it’s for a book, a magazine, a brochure or anything else, we’ll find a way to make it effective for your market and hook the interest of your potential consumers, making a design that will create an emotive response. For a simple, straight forward piece, we are able to do text-focused designs with a simple graphic and background color. In a simple design, we’ll take the less is more approach, and insert a stock photograph or supplied photograph depending on your preferences.

If you’re looking for a more complex design, we are able to compose images to provide a glimpse into the theme or the subject matter of the product. For books, we can even create a cover design that will give insight to the main character in a subtle way. No matter what cover design we’re doing, we’ll pick the most effective colors, fonts, sizes, and images to create the ideal cover design for your project. Here are some of the projects we can do cover designs for:

  • Book cover design
  • Report cover design
  • Catalog cover design
  • Software cover design
  • Software cover design

Why Outsource Cover Design Services?

Taking on the task of trying to create a successful cover design on your own can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have the appropriate technology or the skills to do so. Yes, you can read up on tips over the Internet, but that will only take you so far. Our professionals at BackOffice Pro are experts in the field of cover designs. You won’t have to worry about resolution, thumbnails, height-to-width ratio, pixel sizes, ink bleeds, margins, and all the other specific details of creating cover designs. By outsourcing your cover design task to us, you’ll save time, money, and you’ll get the cover design you envisioned or perhaps even better than what you envisioned.

  • Improve the marketability of your product
  • Avoid the time-consuming task of creating a cover design
  • Have professionals create your ideal cover design

Benefits of Availing Our Cover Design Services

In outsourcing cover design tasks to BackOffice Pro, you’re ideas will be in the hands of professional designers with loads of experience in using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. Our team is experienced enough to work at a quick rate while still maintaining the quality of their work, saving your company time. We also provide you with cost-effective prices for our cover design services that will save you money, compared to other design companies.

  • Affordable cover design prices
  • Guaranteed quality work from certified design experts
  • Quick turnaround time

If you are need of excellent cover designs from a company that listens to its clients, then outsource your cover design task to BackOffice Pro. Contact us today!