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Back Office Pro is the leading outsourcing partner for marketing agencies requiring back office support for brand identity design services for their clients. As a trusted offshore partner with clients across the globe, we assist our clients by helping with their overflow projects related to logo design, website, brand merchandise, brochure, flyers, business cards and more.

We understand the importance of brand image in the business world, and our expert designers are backed by a wealth of experience. Similarly, we understand how challenging it can be for marketing agencies to keep up with a sudden influx of challenging projects. BackOffice Pro provides dedicated resources when you need them most, at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional designers to expand your team.

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Brand Identity Design Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro’s team of highly skilled designers are backed by years of on-the-ground experience. We only work with true experts who have degrees in Graphic Design, Visual Communications, Marketing, or similar fields. This enables us to pass on varied skill sets to our clients, who deserve nothing but the best.

With a strong focus on visual identity, marketing collateral and typographic design, and far-reaching knowledge of stylistic rules, our designers are equipped with the following highly sought-after skills:

  • Experience in conducting in-depth, accurate brand research related to both clients and competitors
  • Extremely adept at visualizing and implementing solid brand strategies
  • Well-trained in all aspects of graphic design, with experience working with all the relevant industry software options including Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Photoshop.
  • Confident in tackling all aspects of UI design, we are highly adept at website development, which is the ultimate online footprint for any brand.
  • Experience with animation and motion design experience, with expertise in creating storyboard wireframes and sketches
  • Skilled in the development of brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all visual media, including catalogs, marketing solicitations, websites, newsletters, and a wide variety of print and digital marketing materials

Brand Identity Services BOP Offers

We are committed to providing impactful, clever, and memorable brand identity design services that help businesses create a niche for themselves in their market.

  • Logo Design Our flawless logo designs help to establish your brand, while developing an identity that is instantly recognizable.
  • Brochure Design We design brochures that align with your brand, showcasing your products and services in a way that is appealing to customers.
  • Website Design We create responsive websites which establish your online brand identity and provide a seamless user experience for visitors.
  • Brand Merchandise Our branded merchandise expresses your brand personality and helps customers to remember and recognize your business.
  • Flyer Design With designs which showcase your brand in a visually appealing manner, we create flyers which can be printed or used online.
  • Business Cards We design business cards which are visually in-line with your brand personality, creating both a figurative and literal calling card.
  • Email Design We create email designs which are optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet, and accurately portray your brand’s personality.
  • Newsletter Design Able to be used online or in print, we follow the latest design principles to create eye-catching and brand-accurate newsletter designs
  • Brand Research If needed, our brand research services assist in overcoming any potential patent and copyright issues of the designs to be created.
  • Brand Strategy When required, we use messaging, design, and experience-based techniques to develop a strategy conveys your brand's value.

BOP’s Edge on Brand Identity Design Services

  • Integrated Solutions We offer a host of highly sought-after brand research and corporate identity design services under the same roof, eliminating the need to work with multiple service providers.
  • Uniqueness and Quality Guaranteed We don’t condone plagiarism, no matter how slight. All of our designers create their artworks from scratch. We work according to ISO quality design processes, so you know you’re getting the quality you deserve.
  • Multi-Disciplined Approach Our team works on developing top-of-the-range corporate designs across multiple collaterals.
  • A Solid Team of Experts We employ over 30 highly qualified designers, graphic artists, illustrators, marketing pros, and experts in similar fields who are skilled in using Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and InDesign.
  • Flexible Revisions We want to make sure that the result is always in line with your expectations. As such, we offer up to 3 design revisions to help us get your designs just right.
  • Time Zone Advantage Our outsourcing model enables us to assign a team that will work according to your time zone. That means fewer delays and support when you need it.

Trust Us with Your Next Brand Identity Design Package

Whether you’re searching for expert corporate logo design services or assistance with brand identity design, BackOffice Pro is ready to help. We take corporate brand design seriously, pouring our best talent and effort into each project we take on.

We’re proud to outsource corporate identity design services to marketing agencies with clients in every corner of the globe. Contact us via our online form, and we’ll get back to you within no time.