Outsource Construction Modeling Services to India

When it comes to creating unique and unusual geometric designs for architectural needs, outsource construction solid geometry modeling to BackOffice Pro (BOP), a renowned name in the engineering community worldwide. The BOP engineers deploy parametric design to optimize the construction of solid geometry (CSG) models and become functional. The flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) model at BOP offers a comprehensive CSG and design and drafting services with multi-level quality check. As a back-office partner for renowned companies worldwide in architecture, we create a 3D model using algorithmic extrusion.

At BackOffice Pro, we transform the geometry and create potential parametric designs using various software efficiently to support multiple architectural projects. With the highly skilled team of engineers creating exceptional 3D solid geometry modeling to cater to all engineering needs.

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Construction Solid Geometry Modeling Skillsets at BOP

As one of the sought-after companies providing construction solid geometry modeling services in India, the BOP team has the expertise and experience catering to the various project requirements. Outsource construction solid geometry modeling requirements to us to get assisted from the pool of engineers with the following skillsets:

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  • Possess excellent skills in 3D modeling and 2D drafting for solid construction geometries and generative designs.
  • Expert in working with Rhino and Grasshopper 3D, Revit, Dynamo
  • In-depth knowledge of construction standards, fabrication, installation
  • Experienced in creating digital fabrication, façade design, 3D metal designs, engineering drawings, schematics, etc.
  • Proficient with the finite element types and the meshing techniques
  • Expert in verifying and validating simulation models and results
  • Detailed knowledge of CAD tools for reliability and maintainability prediction, failure modes, effects analysis, fault tree analysis.
  • Proficient in programming languages such as C++ and Python.

Construction Modeling Services BOP Offers

We offer a vast array of services when our global clients outsource construction solid geometric modeling to us with unique parametric designs and accurate mathematical calculations. Here is the list of services we offer when you outsource construction solid geometry modeling requirements:

  • Solid Geometry Modeling

    BOP engineers extrude the surfaces of the 2D outlines and render them to create 3D modeling to facilitate design visualization and simulation analysis.

  • Parametric Design

    We create advanced parametric designs from the basic geometries by setting the design parameters and adjusting the variables minutely to create a unique parametric design.

  • Algorithm for Geometric Designs

    Engineers at BOP code accurate algorithms to create meshed surfaces or geodesic frameworks and control the iterative and generative design delivering optimal results.

  • Mesh Boundary Representation Modeling

    BOP has the right skills and expertise to provide mesh boundary representation (BERP) modeling to represent shapes using the limits through the latest technologies.

Benefits of Availing of Construction Modeling Services from BOP

As one of the renowned engineering companies providing construction solid geometry modeling services in India, our engineers create accurate 3D shapes that represent the crude structural outlines to support the BERP modeling and parametric modeling requirements along with the below benefits when you outsource construction solid geometry modeling to us:

  • Enhance the parametric design process with customized algorithms and computational modeling.
  • Model complex structures with CSG extrusion, generative design techniques, and quick calculations
  • Get complex designs for various architectural, construction, structural, engineering projects
  • Create unusual and interesting structures and optimize material conservation and structural integrity

Outsource Construction Modeling Services to BOP and Create Unique Parametric Designs

BackOffice Pro is one of the pioneer engineering companies providing complex geometric objects with a simple process with mathematical accuracy. We deliver high-quality output along with a plethora of engineering services, including architectural drafting, 3D modeling, and many more. Contact us to know about our services and how you can outsource construction solid geometry modeling requirements to us.