Engineering Company in Australia Gets Exclusive Parametric and Computational Modeling for Stadium Roof Structure

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Meet the Client - Australian Engineering Company

The client is an Engineering and Project Management firm associating with Builders, Architects, Artists to work on the most challenging structures maintaining the quality, deadline, and budget. With a depth acumen on the latest technology and materials, an experience of over 13 years as a global manufacturing leader, it helps them to deliver solutions for their customers.

The client thrived with a mission of collaboration to develop and offer solutions to both small and big requirements.

Objective of the Parametric and Computational Modeling Needs

Modeling of the stadium roof was a complex requirement owing to the abstract roof design. The parametric and computational modeling would help them to get a complete analysis of the roof structure.


Country :


Software :

Grasshopper, Rhinoceros

Cost :


Client’s Challenges with Parametric and Computational Modeling

The client wanted to partner with a company that could help them with the modeling of the roof structure of a stadium, along with clash detection, material detection, coordination, calibration. They collaborated with BOP and received the best parametric and computational modeling service for their requirement.

BOP’s Custom Solution for Parametric and Computational Modeling Service

After a successful trial, the client offered us the contract along with the requirements in detail. We formulated a step-by-step approach and worked accordingly. A team of twelve experts worked on the project deploying Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. We designed the roof panels and produced the manufacturing and installation drawings. Next, the defining and creating connection drawings were done meticulously.

The following step was to perform the calibration, material analysis, and clash analysis, and coordination. We converted all the 2D Dwg files to 3D Rhino files and sent them for approval. It took 3-4 months for us to complete the project.

Parametric and Computational Modeling Results

BackOffice Pro is the only company providing parametric and computational modeling services in the entire APAC region. The client received the best quality service from the highly skilled experts at the best price. They saved time as well while outsourcing the project to BOP and signed an ongoing contract with us.

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