Product Manufacturing Company in Ohio Raises 40% Revenue with 3D Modeling Services

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BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers 3D modeling services for product development, architectural projects, structural and civil engineering projects to help engineers to visualize the planning, development, and the process before it begins. We are the trusted partners of the global engineering, architectural, and construction companies for 3D modeling solution for their projects.


Client Profile- Product Manufacturing Company in Ohio

The client is a global company based in Ohio, the USA, with networks, distributors, and customers from all over the world. They are the parent company of seven different industrial products. Focusing on new product development, lead time reduction, process improvements, and quality, the client has a proven record of streamlined production, sales, and services. Spreading over 100,000 square feet, the client provides custom engineering, which is the foundation of their outstanding manufacturing abilities.

Client Requirement: 2D to 3D CAD Conversion

The client wanted assistance for converting their 2D drawings to 3D modeling in Solidworks. They partnered with BackOffice Pro on account of our expertise in executing 2D to 3D conversion projects and received exclusive services.





1600 drawings

Project Cost


Initial Challenges Involved in the Project

The details provided by the client were not complete in the initial inputs. So, we reviewed each batch separately and sent them the RFI files. Based on that, the client gave us a resolution on how to handle it. Once we had the clarity, we completed the 3D Modeling. We also conducted weekly meetings to discuss the previous week’s progress and the coming week’s plans.

Customized Solution of Back office Pro for 2D to 3D CAD Conversion

A trial of 3D modeling of 2 drawings was conducted, and we were offered the project. Once we received the 2D drawings in PDF format, we segregated the volume of 1600 drawings in equal batches to be delivered every week. Due to some missing information, we sent the RFI files to the client, along with a couple of suggestions. On getting the resolution and approval from the client, we completed the 3D modeling with the help of Solidworks and transferred the finished file through FTP.

Key Benefits for the Client

The client saved a 40% cost and was able to cover up the low bandwidth of their team. With BOP, they got a pool of experienced people to work on their projects. They were highly satisfied and gave us good feedback.

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