Cabinet Vision Drafting Services Leads in 40% Increase in Productivity of a Leading Cabinetry and Millwork Company

Cabinet Vision Solution from BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a remarkable engineering company catering to various design and drafting requirements on cabinetry, casework, millwork. We are well-equipped with Cabinet Vision to support complex and big projects in either simply visualizing or preparing the detailed design and drafting.


Meet the Client – Cabinetry and Millwork Company in Oregon

Locally owned, the client is a cabinetry and millwork company catering to the custom cabinet design requirements for residential and commercial purposes with meticulous craftmanship, accurate detailing, and exceptional quality. They closely work with architects, builders, interior designers, and individual customers to create beautiful and functional cabinets for various purposes within the budget. With an expansive background in the various cabinetry projects on custom kitchens, lounges and receptions, functional workstations, detailed offices, bars, closet, and much more, they turn business places or homes into unique and special.

Objective Behind the Cabinet Vision Drafting Requirement

The aim of the client behind the requirement was to get precise specifications on the projects and reduce their turn-around-time in delivering their clients’ requirements.



Oregon, USA


3-4 projects per month

Project Cost

6000 USD per month

Client’s Challenges Before Availing of Cabinet Vision Drafting from BOP

As an eminent name in the interior designing service, the client’s eye for detailing and precision wanted next-level assistance to support them. They were designing cabinets for schools, hotels, custom kitchens and were looking for an experienced outsourcing partner to provide them the reference cabinet vision files with all the specifications for each of their project. The expertise and skills at BOP firmly convinced the clients, and soon they contracted with us, signing an NDA.

Precise Solution on Cabinet Vision Drafting

A team of two engineers was assigned to work exclusively on the project to begin with the project. We received the architectural drawings of the areas. Referring to the backup setting and the architectural drawings that we uploaded in the Cabinet Vision Software, we came up with specifications on the plywood depths, sizes, thickness, finishes, etc., and other specifications for each of the projects. Following this, we converted the files into .cvj and shared with the client for review. Once approved, we created markup and red lines while optimizing for the CNC machine. Finally, we shared the .cvj and PDF files for drawing and report, respectively, with high-level precision within the scheduled time.

Cabinet Vision Drafting Takeaways

  • The client was highly satisfied with our output and awarded us with three to four projects per month.
  • With high-quality output, the client could enhance their productivity by 40%.
Cabinet Vision CTA

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