Outsource Social Media Data Mining Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP), supports global companies from all industries to obtain data through social media data mining. We help our clients with data collected from the user-generated content, user actions such as likes, shares, comments, views, engagement, impressions, mentions, usage of hashtags, which help them to make informed decisions about their product and services. Outsource social media data mining services to BOP in India back your business with social media data.

Social media miners at BOP offer community insights that are essential for any business to enable them to make their decisions and social media strategy based on facts and figures. We identify patterns, trends, and behavior by analyzing keywords, sentiment, networks, media usage. Contact us to know our social media data mining services in detail and how we can assist you in your business requirements.

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Social Media Data Miners’ Skills Sets at BOP

BOP’s team of social media miners possess vast experience in social media measurement, social media analytics along with the below-mentioned skill sets:

  • Expert in handling social media APIs – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
  • Adept knowledge and understanding social media analytics
  • Skillful in data capture, data mining, data extraction techniques
  • Proficient in collecting the demographic data like location, age, gender, profession, language and more
  • Capable of extracting keywords from social media posts through tweets, shares, likes, comments
  • Highly experienced in sentiment analysis to determine negative, positive or neutral sentiment towards the brand and trend forecasting
  • Proven working with social listening tools like Mention, Social Sprout
  • Adept in working with different file formats like MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access
  • Well-versed in analyzing complex data sets using Python, R, Java, Hadoop
  • Experienced with SQL, and MySQL for data extraction and mining

Social Media Mining Services that BOP Provides

Being one of the top social media data mining companies, we have a wide range of social media data mining services to facilitate our clients with meaningful user insights that help them in making informed business decisions. Here are our services:

  • Keyword Extraction BOP data mining experts extract keywords from the social media networks that reveal specific keywords, phrases, behavior, through scanning texts. We build a list of the most-used words to describe your products and services, videos, content. The keywords from the list, when used in the content, connect better with your audience.
  • Demographic Data We collect all the demographic data like age, gender, profession, geography, language, job roles, from the social media networks. Our demographic data helps businesses to gather information about the target market, which enables them to strategize for their marketing and sales goals.
  • Sentiment Analysis We analyze opinions regarding your brand, new products, events, content, videos, and measure the popularity. We extract words and phrases that determine a positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. Our sentiment analysis helps in uncovering the negative feedback, which further enables in building permanent solutions and strategies around.
  • Target Market Data BOP experts, analyze your target market by data mining on the trending aspects in the community. Our report helps in market analysis, tracking the relevant keywords for your brands while gaining insights to understand your competition. Our reports enable our clients to enhance marketing and sales effort and make better decisions.
  • Trends and Forecast We also analyze the trends in the market and predict future trends with the pattern of social media data. Based on the historical trends, we forecast future trends through search queries, consumer feedback, how the demand is growing.

Social Media Mining Benefits at BOP

As one of the most trusted social media data mining companies, BOP experts offers the clients certain benefits as below:

  • Monitor your brand’s image and optimize your social content accordingly
  • Identify influential and potential customers for your product and service
  • Enhance product development and improve customer service based on the data
  • Plan your campaigns with the insights gained from our social media data mining
  • Analyze competitors and their engagement strategies

Channelize Big Data and Data Mining to Make Informed Business Decisions

Mining social media data helps businesses obtain valuable insights to generate better results. BOP experts access social media API to provide social media data mining services. We scrape the web and fetch user data. We figure out your customers, their choices, likes and dislikes, the community, comments, trend analysis, and more to gain insights that are meaningful to your business and enable you to make informed business decisions. Contact us to discuss your data mining outsourcing requirements at length and know how we can assist you.

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