Contact Database Validation for New York based Outdoor Ad Agency at 40% Cost

Database Validation

The Client

The client, headquartered in New York,USA, is a specialty out-of-home advertising company focusing on three primary areas - transit, point-of-care, and point-of-sale. Established in 2006, the client is a leader in OOH advertising with additional offices in San Francisco, Dallas, and Indianapolis. They deliver brands directly to bars, restaurants, hotels, medical offices, convenience stores, banks, and more.

Project Requirement and Client Expectations

For a successful email marketing campaign, businesses need correct and up-to-date contact details of their existing and new customers. Hence, the client provided us with a list of companies to validate the contact database. Our task involved identifying the key person (within the given company), and update their contact details including first name, address, designation, telephone, website, and email address, etc. Enriching their potential customer information will help deliver their marketing campaign efficiently.

Project Challenges

There were many challenges that the team faced but managed to overcome each one of them. The team had to:

  • Search for alternate sources to find contact details. The group, at many times, had to call various companies to find the required information.
  • Spend considerable time on Linkedin, other social media sites, and various other online sources to find contact details.
  • Work for short stretches (in a matter of three or four days), filling details of 400-500 companies every four days.

Back Office Pro Detailed Process and Solution

The task of collating contact details and building a contact database was particularly challenging for the Back Office Pro team since the data was not readily available online. A process was set up after discussion with the client and careful planning.

  • The client would provide a list of company names in a spreadsheet. The list included the titles (designation) that they wanted.
  • This information was then passed on to the operations team, which comprised of carefully hand-picked three resources.
  • The team checked company social media page, and various other online resources to find the required information.
  • Once all the required details are acquired, the team entered the data on to the specified slot in the spreadsheet and sent to the client via email.


End Benefits - 60% Cost Saving for the Client Along with Quick Turnaround Time

Apart from the fact that the client saved 60% in cost, they were also impressed by the quick turnaround time and flawless deliverables.

The client is mighty pleased with the high-quality work we have delivered so far. It is a project-based engagement, and so they have decided to notify us as and when a new project arises.