Polish eCommerce Site Outsources Data Mining and Data Entry Project with BackOffice Pro

Data Mining and Data Entry Project

About the Client – Popular Polish eCommerce Site

Established in 2013, the client is an eCommerce site based in Krakow, Poland, that provides motorcycle parts and accessories. Formed in partnership with a French motor parts company, the client established their own branch in 2017 and provides professional consultation, assistance, customer service, and imported niche motor parts and products from all across the world.

Data Mining and Data Entry Requirements for the Project

The client wanted to innovate with their e-commerce initiatives and required data mining and data entry for all of their parts, products, and supplier and manufacturer details. The client did not have the necessary internal capabilities or the resources to handle a project of this magnitude and wanted to work with an experienced data management outsourcing agency.

The client contacted BackOffice Pro (BOP) and decided to invest in our services due to the following:

  • Ability to provide FTE data entry specialists who possessed skills in data integrity, speed, coded, and statistics.
  • Willingness to do any necessary supportive research to ensure that the compiled information was compatible with the client’s product and service range.
  • Ability to provide appropriate quantitative and analytical capabilities during the data mining process to ensure that the data was actionable and meaningful.

Primary Challenges Faced by BOP’s Data Entry Outsourcing Team

BOP came across some specific challenges throughout this full-time e-commerce data mining and data entry project:

  • BOP had limited knowledge of motorcycles and all of their respective parts and had to research to understand the compatibility and incompatibility of all of the motorcycle’s features and applications.
  • Different manufacturers had varying details online, and it was time-consuming to align and verify all of the information.
  • The majority of the data was in Polish, and the BOP team had to translate all aspects of the website to ensure nothing was misconstrued.
  • Extra steps had to be taken to ensure total accuracy of the mined data so as not to negatively impact the data entry process.
Research Firm Team

Our Data Entry Project Steps

To ensure that our data management experience could strategically help the client create a more accurate and optimal e-commerce site, BOP implemented a customized process:

  • BOP assembled 12 FTE data entry specialists who would handle 20,000 of the client’s products.
  • The BOP team completed online training via video, and client input was provided through email, which included a list of the spare motorcycle parts, product ID numbers, prices, etc.
  • BOP began mining data about motorcycles, and creating application lists, functionality, compatibility, rates, etc. from the various supplier and manufacturer sites.
  • After the data was cleansed and classified, the data entry process began, with steps taken to appropriately verify and structure the data.
  • Updates were first delivered in the client administration information panel and then the e-commerce portal.
  • After posting product updates, a client discussion was held to make sure that the structuring and classification elements during the data entry process met the client's vision for their e-commerce products.
  • The project was completed in 24 days for all 20,000 products.

Exceptional Steps Taken to Meet the Client Requirements

To enhance the eCommerce site with the most robust product information, BOP provided detailed descriptive information, tags, and codes to supplement the data entry process and increase functionality.

Data Entry with High Accuracy and 30% Reduced Cost

This project was concluded successfully with all aspects of the data mining and data entry processes, and had the following takeaways:

  • The client received a 30% cost benefit for outsourcing with BOP and an accuracy rate of 98.9%.
  • The client received a distinct time advantage while working with BOP as our time was able to complete the project in ⅓ of the expected timeline.
  • BOP will be partnering with the client for new vertices of their e-commerce site to further enhance the client’s strategic opportunities.