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Back Office Pro (BOP) offers a wide range of survey processing services for assisting clients in processing voluminous survey data. Organizations can avail professional-level data collection, sorting, structuring, and cleansing by outsourcing survey processing requirements to BOP. With a skilled team of data management professionals, we help our clients unburden their survey data processing tasks and focus on core areas.

BackOffice Pro makes outsourcing survey processing services simple, by making use of user-friendly, iterative protocols. We give our clients total control over the project with regards to delivery date, spend, and team sizes. Our focus is on providing fully fledged survey processing services to all industries, from any country in the world.

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BOP’s Survey Processing

Entry Skill Sets

BackOffice Pro delivers the highest quality survey processing services, designed to fully integrate with your existing internal teams. We provide critical support both at times of project overflow and overwhelm, ensuring deadlines are met consistently. Our skills include:

  • Rapid Keying Our specialist data entry team has rapid typing speeds and optimal accuracy ratings, ensuring timeous delivery and the best quality outputs.
  • Technological Fluidity Years of in-depth experience using the most advanced technologies to process survey data.
  • Multi-Lingual Ability Key industry players from around the world with multi-language compatibility, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Challenge Mitigation Proactivity and problem-solving attitude for overcoming challenges.
  • Niche Managers BackOffice Pro’s managerial core team features advanced degree holders in computer science, epidemiology, sociology, and more.
  • Survey Project Monitoring Understanding of the importance of consistent, holistic project management to provide guidance and monitoring for every project
  • Multi-Survey Processing Advanced vetting and machine learning to perform multi-survey processing services designed to increase the pace of project completion along with survey form processing.

Our Testimonials

Outsource Survey Processing Services to Back Office Pro

As leading survey processing service providers, we understand the complexities and challenges that come with the territory. Our services include:

  • Survey Creation Our team helps to create optimal survey setups, covering optimal deployment, framework building, and data gathering intelligence. We incorporate techniques including face-to-face interviews, meetings, telephonic questionnaires, polls, mailing lists, and many other key methods.
  • Survey Design We tailor our surveys to precisely match the requirements of each project on a case by case basis. Our teams make use of professional analysis techniques and tools to plot the optimal path to success.
  • Data Collection BackOffice Pro excels at collecting, organizing, and reporting on data. We make use of highly effective, super-accurate systems that we optimize with human input to create a premium blend of competencies.
  • Survey Scanning Our team provides comprehensive survey scanning capabilities including OCR and ICR tools to enhance character recognition. We optimize the editability and converted layouts of results to be understandable.
  • Database Creation We build detailed databases of the most accurate, up-to-date information available. Our dedicated quality assurance team ensures duplicated and redundancies are removed.
  • Survey Analysis BackOffice Pro conducts in-depth testing including ANOVA sampling, correlation tests, and cross-table analysis. We mine data from survey responses and organize it logically and usefully.
  • Survey Reports Our team provides comprehensive, fully accessible reports that deliver total transparency. These detailed documents enable our clients to make informed decisions.
  • Specialized Surveys We pride ourselves on offering the widest range of survey services, including market, product/service, political, customer feedback, medical, employee, demographic, and many other popular options.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro offers the most advanced survey processing services available. We pride ourselves on accuracy, turnaround times, and client satisfaction. Benefits of outsourcing your project overflow to BackOffice Pro include:

  • Outsourcing excess work in BackOffice Pro ensures massive cost savings, coupled with the enhanced team and technological abilities.
  • We enable efficient, high-quality digitization services, ensuring survey records are preserved after processing and usable across a multitude of applications. We make use of OMR, ICR, and OCR to ensure total conversion quality.
  • We work with the latest technologies and procedural advancements in the industry. Our hardware and human capabilities result in the best possible results available in all popular formats.
  • We supply round-the-clock support via a dedicated project manager and by granting access to our comprehensive project management software. This gives full control over every step of the project back to our loyal clients.
  • BackOffice Pro adheres to stringent international protocols for data security and integrity. We combine this approach with encrypted VPN and FTP transfers and strict internal regulations.
  • Our team members have over a decade of experience in providing advanced survey processing services. We understand the challenges and nuances related to survey processing.

Data Processing Firm to Deal with Your Survey Processing Requirements

BackOffice Pro delivers industry-leading data processing services, enabling you to reduce the pressure exerted on internal teams. In this way, your core team can focus on specific vital tasks while the repetitive survey processing and data capture procedures are taken care of by our team of industry-leading experts. We make use of strict data protection protocols and advanced encryption to ensure total data security and integrity of key corporate information. Contact our team using the form on our website to get your project up and running fast.