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Back Office Pro (BOP), a team of online data entry professionals offer its clients a range of classic and complex online data entry services. Our secure options are rich with variation to suit any unique business model, and we are experts at organizing online information to adhere to specific content requirements. BOP’s licensed staff can extract, enter, reenter, retrieve, or update information for optimal management across websites, online catalogues, and databases.

Often emulated but never outpaced, BOP is the only full service outsource online data entry provider that utilizes industry standard best practice procedures along with premier technology and carefully selected personnel. Off-load online data entry teams and receive constructive and professional online data entry consultation services, in addition to resource arrangement and planning solutions with consideration to client’s schedule and budget.

BOP’s Online Data Entry Skill Sets

BOP’s team undergoes sustained education in order to continually add to our existing scope of cutting edge online data entry techniques and skills.

  • To enable BOP to serve all industries, we retain an FTE team with diverse areas of expertise to work collaboratively for efficient completion of all tasks, including aiding clients in resource management.
  • Online Data Entry Clerk Enters data from forms, websites, online catalogues, databases, questionnaires, and more, preparing and assisting in structuring information for the online data entry process. Well trained in assorted software and databases, in addition to varied formatting programs.
  • Senior Online Data Entry Specialist Exceedingly proficient with Excel, Word, Outlook, and proprietary BOP software. Mines, extracts, and enters data in a combined method of manual and automatic scanners and BOP’s proprietary software. Excellent command of grammar and editing skills to properly organize online data.
  • Senior Data Analyst On hand to assist the online data entry team in streamlining and aggregating complicated aspects of the venture, including validation, integrity, and configuration of all data sets. Detailed knowledge of PL/SQL and T-SQL programming languages, as well as SQL, CRM, Word, Access, and Excel. Curated usage of analytical, mathematical, and statistical skills.
  • Online Data Entry Team Manager Presides over the online data entry venture, directing team members and consulting with clients to ensure quality in all project respects. Experienced in online and offline database management, and advanced proficiency in all exclusive BOP data entry software.
  • All BOP specialists are familiar building or inputting data into databases such as FoxPro, Oracle, MySQL, Visual Basic, ASP, MS Access and MS SQL Server, including entering both online or offline information, and maintaining the data as needed.
  • BOP’s team applies research and experience, in conjunction with ISO9001:2008 standards, to provide resource procurement and planning options for the Online Data Entry endeavor.
  • Capable of extracting, entering, reentering, and organizing data from a substantial range of online and offline sources, such as business and consumer catalogues, vendor websites, images, eBooks, surveys, manuals, websites, PDF and Word formats, and hard copy material.

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Online Data Entry Outsourcing Process

The online data entry outsourcing process is entirely unique to each client, as BOP aims to provide a customizable method entirely dependent on venture particulars, part of our commitment to quality assurance and customer care.

  • Venture Assessment and Offer Our Online Data Entry team conducts an assessment of the outsourcing venture.
  • Basic Training and Knowledge Transfer Primary training procedures are overseen by our Online Data Entry staff, and we begin with transferring.
  • Price Quote Primary training procedures are overseen by our Online Data Entry staff, and we begin with transferring.
  • Resource Management Profile BOP profiles a plan for engaging materials necessary for favorable venture completion, which might
  • Business Contract We assemble a personalized business contract to be authorized and signed by both the client and Back
  • Extended Location Based Training and Transition We extend our training to more complex Online Data Entry theories and practices as off-loaded personnel arrive

Outsourcing Benefits from Back Office Pro

Dynamic resource management solutions, in addition to our innovative individual project services, ensure that clients will enjoy copious benefits within our range of outsource online data entry options.

  • Transfer your online data entry staff to our state of the art facility in an efficient directive overseen by professional and qualified supervisors and higher level personnel
  • Guided resource management solutions that are customized for your particular business model and online data entry objectives and end goals.
  • Scalable services that enable BOP to efficiently handle large or small volumes of online data entry materials, a customizable sector of our outsourcing options.
  • Reduce internal expenditures and eliminate the necessity of hiring in-house specialists by outsourcing online data entry projects to Back Office, allowing our team to handle eBook and database creation, online form processing, online data entry or reentry, and data capture.
  • Ability to manipulate and organize online image content within our scope of online data entry services, extending image based options such as capture, editing, clipping, scanning, cropping, storage, and retrieval.
  • Back Office’s online data entry staff is capable of completing all enterprises on our exclusive equipment, or we can work directly on client operating systems.

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Outsourcing with Back Office verifies that the entire online data entry enterprise is professional, reasonably priced, and streamlined so that clients receive a superior experience. Contact us today to find out more from our cordial, expert team.