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Any company wishing to grow their global influence requires the assistance of a skilled localization partner. Presenting the content in a culturally neutral and accessible manner undoubtedly improves a company’s standing in the global market. BackOffice Pro (BOP) has been closely working with customers based in various geographical regions and has a long and successful history of providing comprehensive localization services for any market.

Users in different locations around the world have different preferences and BOP's localization services help in addressing the communication barriers and improving brand recognition in alternative geographies. BOP helps in adapting to the different languages, regulations, and cultures through a complex optimization process, including translations, cultural reference points, SEO across languages, registration with the preferred local search engines, systems of measurement, culturally-aware marketing, and many additional considerations.

With a team of highly experienced localization experts, BOP is capable of presenting your original values and business objectives in a simple and globally acceptable form.

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BOP’s Image Annotation Entry Skill Sets

At BackOffice Pro, we have the expertise to present your businesses appropriately to the global market. Our localization experts are proficient in the following:

  • Developing specific localization and globalization service offerings that work for any platform, any application, and any web page.
  • Development of testing protocols for automated deliverables spanning various languages. Configuring vehicular systems, creating protocols for translation memory systems, as well as the management of each phase of the localization process.
  • Well-versed in the technology, processes, and tools required to ensure rapid turnaround times, value for money, and quality deliverables.
  • Ability to make use of a broad range of tools to aid in localization including Computer Aided Translation (CAT), detecting the flow of traffic to a site, and the necessary discernment to select the appropriate tools for each case.
  • World-class linguists are capable of accurate translation encompassing any form of language from images, audio, sound files, and the written word.
  • The broad complement of experienced staff capable of aiding localization with additional services including but not limited to marketing, design, content development.
  • Management of translation processes making use of various channels for publishing and enhancing content. This includes annotating, dubbing audio, subtitling, multilingual accessibility, and metadata.
  • A dynamic approach to layouts about the length of the translated text in certain languages to ensure a cohesive end product.

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BOP’s Localization Services Offered

BOP’s highly effective localization services include the following:

  • Website Localization BOP is experienced in localizing websites, creating adaptations that will allow the ideal local language and culture to be shown on the site. This allows the content to be as relevant as possible to each target market.
  • Website Adaptability and Local Version Creation We offer a comprehensive service pack including translating and adapting text, images, and other visual elements. The globally-aware team takes cultural nuances, local formatting preferences, technological level of the country, and connection speeds available to users into account.
  • Website maintenance Regular updates are carried out on localized sites to ensure maximum engagement with users and to enhance how discoverable a site is while reducing costs.
  • Software Localization Mobile Apps Each resource and layout are adapted to better suit the target audience, and all contextual elements are monitored for relevance and accuracy. Usability and the way the user experiences the app undergoes rigorous multi-device testing and app store placement.
  • Software LocalizationApplications Existing applications can be adapted to match the user preferences by adding elements that are relevant to the location with adaptive layouts, translations, quality control, smooth transitional elements, and testing of all functionality.
  • E-Learning Localization BOP offers usable localization support services for e-learning materials. The presentations, examinations, quizzes, and the like are developed with required translation, cultural sensitivity, digitally-enhanced content, dubbing, subtitles, transcribing recorded content, editing images and making usability improvements.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

The benefits of outsourcing your localization services to our team include:

  • Localizing your online presence increases your reach in the global market, improves your perceived credibility and generates better brand awareness.
  • The cultural nuances of localization are observed by our culturally diverse global team of industry experts.
  • Linguistic and cultural knowledge is combined with programming development skills as our multifaceted team pools their extensive knowledge to create a seamless user experience.
  • The size of the team working on each project differs as BOP scales the workforce to be optimally productive. This saves money while ensuring that each relevant platform used by our clients is tailored to their specific audience.
  • BOP’s services are channeled through internal tools and protocols which facilitate constant access to shared resources and the ability to manage each stage of the localization process. Saving money, improving productivity, and maintaining pinpoint accuracy.
  • Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality clauses ensure that our clients see BOP as a trustworthy, transparent ongoing partner.

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If you are looking for a way to increase your footprint in the global market and build rapport with your customers without geographical boundaries, BOP’s localization services will meet your every need. Complete the contact form on our website and our team will respond within one business day to begin optimizing your global online presence.