100 Year Old New Jersey Based Business House Took BOP’s Assistance for Precise Data Entry

Data Capture Case Synopsis

The Client - A Global Houseware Specialist

Based in New Jersey and business for over 100 years, the client is an entrepreneur and housewares specialist that started as a small food storage product provider and has grown and evolved to become a known global leader. Through innovative planning and execution, the client has acquired an impressive array of brands and manufacturers all working under one name to provide essential storage products including jars, cooking equipment, and utensils in several materials ranging from plastic to glass to cutting edge metals.

Their goal is to provide a one-stop shopping experience to any who desire quality equipment for their kitchens and homes.

Requirements for the Scanning and Data Entry Project

The client has a monthly shipment of product information cards that are collected from thousands of stores they are in partnership with. This product information includes types of products being sold, stock levels, pricing levels, and customer requests, etc. The client approached our team at BackOffice Pro requiring data capturing services to convert these numerous cards into a comprehensive excel sheet that can be referred to whenever needed for tracking purposes and also to enable brochure creation for each brand.

We were required to assign our best resources to this task and complete estimation of 10 000 cards per week.

Challenges Tackled by BOP’s Data Entry Professionals

Once our team started working on this project, our process was slightly hindered by the quality of the cards we received, because they were mostly handwritten made it difficult to read the information and capture it accurately.

To deal with this challenge, we separated the very badly written cards from the rest of the batch and scanned these cards onto our systems to zoom the images and better read the writing. In cases where this was not effective, we contacted the client for more information.

Research Team

Process Steps for this Data Extraction and Data Entry Project

In the spirit of providing a quality product that matched the client’s passion for doing the same, our team at Back Office pro worked diligently and applied all of our expertise in order to complete this project in a timeous and professional manner.

Our Detailed Process was as follows:

  • In order to ensure we started this project off in the right manner, we started by having an in-depth meeting with the client to collect all relevant details and requirements.
  • The client then sent us the cards in batches of 10 000 a week.
  • Our team worked through the cards one at a time and captured the relevant information off of each one.
  • This information was then captured onto an excel sheet.
  • Our QC checked each completed sheet before it was sent back to the client for a final inspection.
  • Finally, we worked on any edits or additions the client required.


Long-term Outsourcing Partnership with the Happy Client

By approaching our team at BackOffice Pro with this project, the client not only received a professional and comprehensive excel sheet listing all of the needed information, we were able to adhere to the time requirements and also saved them in costs and hassles.

They were immensely impressed by our expertise and have requested for more projects to be handled by us in the future. Moving forward, we will be applying ourselves to providing the same levels of accuracy and professionalism the client anticipates.