BOP Helped Israeli Asset Management Agency in Enriching Their Customer Database

Video Tagging Case Synopsis

The Client - An Online Asset Management Agency

Working with some of the world’s leading photographers and media agencies, the client is an asset management specialist. They strive to provide services in the lines of professional asset additions as well as media image and portal enhancements.

Utilizing sophisticated scanning and web crawling technologies that are backed by computer learning capabilities, they specialize in tracking the usage of media content across multiple channels thereby enabling their own clients to better understand any trending patterns, usage characteristics, and infringement risks regarding copyrighted images.

Requirements for the Scanning and Data Entry Project

Wanting to boost their own portal content, the client approached our team at BackOffice Pro with a project requiring public images of photographers taken from the web. We were needed to assist in browsing provided links and finding images that matched the needed criteria, including pixels, images sizes, extension, quality, etc.

The project would proceed on an hourly payment basis using one resource and an estimated output of 100 to 150 images per day.

Project Challenges Tackled by BOP’s Data Entry Specialists by DEO’s Data Entry Specialists

Once our team started working on this task, the main challenges we faced were due to the many specifications we needed to adhere to when selecting the photographs, as well as the difficulties of different image sizes.

There may be a tremendous amount of public images available on the web. However, it was difficult to find images that met the client’s exact requirements. To deal with these challenges, our team worked closely with the client to get a feel for what was needed, and in some cases where an image was perfect except for a size issue, we were able to make minor size adjustments.

Data Capture Team

Process Steps for the Data Extraction Project

In the spirit of providing a high-quality output backed by our years of data capturing the experience, our team at BackOffice Pro worked diligently to meet every need. We paid close attention to detail and strived to provide the client with the portal enhancement services they required.

Our Step by Step Process Was as Follows:

  • Following the initial meeting to lay down project specifications, the client provided us with the links via email.
  • We went through every link searching for acceptable images.
  • Once an acceptable image was found, we uploaded these images into a v-transfer or cloud-based storage.
  • The client would then go through our new uploads and provide us with feedback.
  • If any images were rejected, we would make notes on the reasons why and apply this to the rest of our search.


Project Completion on a Good Note with a Satisfied Client

At BackOffice Pro, we ensure to deliver the very best in every project we handle. Our team is highly trained in each and every form of data extraction and capturing techniques and benefit from over a decade of experience. By approaching us with this project, we were able to provide this expertise to the client and not only meet every requirement but also do so in half the estimated time.

The client was immensely impressed by our work and has since requested for more projects to be handled by us in the future. Moving ahead, we look forward to working with the client and continuing to provide guaranteed excellence.