New York-Based Property Manager Leveraged Outsourcing to Manage 110 Properties

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Managing commercial real estate involves a complex mixture of customer service, marketing, cost control, public relations, and project management. BackOffice Pro (BOP) has an expert team of property managers that support real estate companies worldwide in managing their property efficiently. This case study illustrates how a property manager in New York used outsourcing to meet all of these challenges successfully.


Meet the Client — Property Management Startup in New York

While the client currently manages over 110 properties in New York, in 2004, the company needed help in managing one commercial property.

Objective Behind the Property Management Requirements

The client wanted to keep a track record of their properties across New York and maintain the information in a better way.



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Client’s Difficulty in property Management

Property managers wear multiple hats and work irregular schedules. There is an ongoing challenge to juggle time-consuming tasks, reduce stress levels, and control costs. The client was seeking a cost-effective solution to help them manage one property to spend more time growing the company. The primary requirement was to find a way to outsource almost all of the property management functions to an experienced provider. They were in search of a supervisor, call center team, team to interact with the maintenance personals, team to handle their employee payroll. They contacted BOP and hired us for our expertise.

Property Management Solution from BackOffice Pro

BOP developed a multiple-step solution that successfully addressed the client's specific requirements. We created a dedicated call center team to handle all the daily call requests for maintenance and other requests. We hired additional personnel to meet the client's 24/6 requirement — this supplemented the existing team's schedule of 12 hours per day, Monday through Friday. A Project manager was appointed to keep the client's supervisor fully informed, and coordinate additional action as needed. The entire team worked on many tasks involving required documents such as tenancy agreements, insurance certificates, and garbage non-clearance reports. We also handled the payment process on the client's CRM system.

Property Management project Results

This ongoing assignment of BackOffice Pro is a practical illustration of working with a client for 12 years. The client started by hiring BOP to handle one property — this has gradually evolved to the current total of 110 properties dealt with by BOP. The outsourcing team takes everything from managing the employee payroll to paying dues and taxes. During a 12-year working relationship, the client has realized substantial cost savings while being immensely satisfied with BOP's services.

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Outsource Property Management Requirement

BackOffice Pro is proud to have outsourcing relationships with our esteemed clients from all across the world. If you are searching for an outsourcing partner for property management requirements, contact us to know how we can assist you in your business requirement.

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