Outsourcing Market Forecast Services

BackOffice Pro eases the strain around scalability and hiring skilled analysts for ad-hoc projects for research firms by providing comprehensive pharmaceutical research service. Developed with years of experience, our market forecast solutions will help research agencies use a data-driven approach to becoming respected knowledge centers in a specific pharmaceutical niche.

BOP offers the flexibility to adapt fluidly to produce required outputs, from “what if” scenarios, to predicting market density and comparison of collaborative contributions made by multiple entities in drug development. Diligent and refined forecasting techniques add credibility to BOP’s insights. BackOffice Pro offers a scalable task force of industry statisticians, analysts, and researchers with the abundant expertise needed to elevate the analyses, forecasting, projections, and the in-depth analysis of data.

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BOP’s Market Forecast Skillsets

Market landscaping is a core capability for BOP, with a team boasting diverse skillsets:

  • A strategically selected team from a pool of statisticians, mathematicians (applied and theoretical), econometricians, operational analysts, and various specialists from related fields.
  • Subject matter experts with Ph.D. or equivalent degrees on pharmacovigilance, pharmacology, genetics, medical techniques, biology, and life science, etc.
  • Years of experience in sophisticated pharmaceutical trend forecasting, and quantifying, and analyzing data.
  • Understanding of statistics, analysis, and forecasting, as well as Bayesian statistical methods involving pharmaceutical data.
  • Broad programming experience spanning bash, Python, C/C++, R, SQL, and Java.
  • Skilled with secondary data analysis from secondary data sources such as the IMS’s National Sales Perspectives (NSP), National Prescription Audit (NPA), Drug Distribution Data (DDD), and Xponent.
  • Access to, and familiarity with, leading pharmaceutical databases and globally collected data.
  • Understanding of the necessary steps in driving the use of new brands within the pharmaceutical market.
  • Forecasting Forecasts include multi-layer forecasting on the patients, market research, trends, lifecycle of the products, new products, and popularity curves, etc.
  • ModelingAdvanced modeling of patient migration, market dynamics, flow of patients, market environmental shifts, care pathways, analog identification, revenue conversion, uncertainty, and Monte Carlo analyses.

Market Forecast Services We Offer

  • ReconciliationModeling historical patient and prescription records into comprehensive patterns at various frequencies, and combine the results into complete seasonal cycles.
  • Analysis Subsequent in-depth analysis such as prognosis, scenario and simulation analysis, market segmentation, market opportunity assessment, market share analysis, market simulations, and production planning.

Benefits of BOP Market Forecast Services

  • Partnering with BOP equips pharmaceutical research firms to become knowledge centers as BOP’s experienced team will add to your information strength from day one.
  • By outsourcing to BOP, you have a dynamically scalable team at your disposal, drastically reducing costs.
  • Enhanced accuracy of market forecasts is much sought after. BOP partners with industry leaders in pharmaceutical engineering and research to craft the most accurate informational outcomes.
  • BOP’s enhanced scheduling reduces costs by keeping expensive specialist involvement to the most pivotal points of each project.
  • It is vital to maintaining the currency of collected data points, on specific target markets. BOP can regularly update your knowledge banks to ensure consistent awareness of the pharmaceutical landscape.
  • Collaboration and data source sharing will bring added value to your projects and overall collaboration with BOP, by lowering costs for the initial data collection stages.


If you are eager to explore solutions that save revenue, deliver results, and have the approval of key industry figures, fill-in the form on our website. You will receive a response within one business day to kick-start your future successes in market forecasting with BOP.