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BackOffice Pro offers a wide array of IP research services which assist pharmaceutical research companies during the time in which the influx of work is too heavy for their in-house teams to handle. Our custom teams track and analyze all information related to intellectual property, making us the ideal outsourcing partner for the pharmaceutical research firms seeking to improve their productivity while keeping the costs down. We provide access to industry specialists, subject matter experts, data analysts, admin staff, support consultants, and an experienced market research team who work together to build clear overviews of the available knowledge as well as to identify and address under-researched fields.

BackOffice Pro’s comprehensive patent research and analysis services ensure that the pharmaceutical research firms have the most up-to-date ‘knowledge about knowledge,' allowing them to make most valuable assessments of open innovation strategies.

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BOP’s Intellectual Property Skillsets

The combined skill set of research scientists, data analysts, and project managers includes:

  • A mixed team of legal specialists, scientists, market researchers, information science resources, and library management specialists to address the research needs of pharmaceutical companies regarding Open Innovation.
  • Subject matter experts and scientists with advanced degrees in chemistry, biological science, engineering, computer science, applied mathematics and physics, and life sciences.
  • Data analysts experienced in analyzing legal materials and databases used to support the R&D and research needs for pharmaceutical industry clients.
  • Skilled admin and support personnel with a deep understanding of the legal issues related to patents, technology transfers, intellectual property research, and patent analytics.
  • A market research support team to provide the strategic research related to markets, industries, and competitors as the need arises.
  • Executives capable of performing technology benchmarking, company portfolio analysis, Intellectual Property landscapes, technology trends and roadmaps, whitespace analysis, commercial viability, collaboration intelligence, prosecution tracking, intelligence dashboards, problem & solution analysis, citation study, freedom to operate analysis, IP legal matter support, IP risk assessments, and licensing opportunities.
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel, Access, network visualization, analysis tools (for example, Netdraw, UCInet, and Touchgraph Navigator, etc.), and programming capabilities (Python, R).
  • Ability to develop standardized IP research processes for periodical updates on long-term projects.
  • Familiarity with international treaties and conventions on intellectual property. 
  • Access to public and commercial patent databases worldwide including, wide-spectrum and pharmaceutical databases.
  • Outstanding experience with pharmaceutical IP to strategize, structure, and obtain robust intellectual property specific to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries, including both offensive and defensive patent protection.
  • Technology Landscape Analysis In-depth analysis of the existing technology and related market trends. This involves a competitive analysis of the past, present and future trends in technology which help one to plan innovative research strategies. Assessment of white space and the use of comprehensive analysis and market research to identify the key R&D areas and open innovation opportunities

BOP’s Intellectual Property Services

  • Patent and Technology Benchmarking Development of dedicated research procedures including strategic, or performance benchmarking with either an internal or external R&D benchmarking focus. This approach is applied to competitors within the same class, as well as across the entire industry. Parallel industries are also considered alongside the global industry leaders.

Benefits of BOP Intellectual Property Services

  • We partner with your team to address your critical IP research and support open innovation. Tailoring our research procedures to each project’s specific requirements is what we do best.
  • Open innovation is a key focus of any pharmaceutical research company. By outsourcing IP-related research to BOP, agencies will be able to collect and integrate invaluable data that is otherwise disparate. Compiling this kind of knowledge base will support clients to ensure an industry-relevant and fast-paced Research and Development environment.
  • Working with BOP, your agency receives access to an invaluable mix of assets, including research and analysis procedures and tools, as well as industry specialists within the various sub-fields of drug development.
  • Thoroughly planning the internal delivery process ensures your firm receives optimum value for money. We schedule the workload efficiently and engage with high-level specialists at pivotal stages of the project timeline.
  • BOP addresses any whitespace discovered in technology target sectors and can scale market research capabilities upwards to deliver additional detailed research as required.
  • We offer thought partnership and insight via original analysis as part of our specialist services. Our charts and documentation are augmented using cutting-edge analysis techniques to ensure their quality and accuracy.
  • BOP offers the option of an ongoing partnership with a team dedicated to keeping abreast of disclosures of new inventions, and monitoring patent application prosecution.
  • Legally binding agreements guaranteeing non-disclosure of your data are a part of the strict security measures in place at BackOffice Pro. All team members are required to sign these agreements that enable BOP to ensure your data security.


With the increasing emphasis placed on shared intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry, there has been a shift away from the traditional “develop it yourself” R&D structure. The new landscape encourages the use of skilled research teams, combing the patents and released documents from other R&D players. BackOffice Pro is a leader in driving this shift and guiding clients through the process, as well as providing support services going forward.

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