UAV and LiDAR Support on 250 Yards of Railroad for Canada Based Geo-Solution Firm

UAV and LiDAR summery

Client Profile- Canada Based Geo-Solution Firm

Headquartered in Canada, the client is a leading geo-solutions provider. With a great passion for geomatics and innovations, they assist their client in obtaining high-quality and accurate geospatial data for custom needs. They utilize new scientific techniques for data acquisition to speed up the production process and thereby to increase profitability.

Client Requirement: UAV and LiDAR

The client was looking for partnering with a company with vast knowledge and experience in measuring the railway area and length of 250 yards through LiDAR, from satellite images taken with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). They held hands with Back Office Pro and received the best output as per their requirements.

Challenges in the Initial Phase of the Project

Achieving the proper highlights on the railroad of 2.2 km, from the input file was a challenge during the trial phase. However, working on the feedback of the client, we re-worked on it and got the accurate output.

Custom-made Approach of Back office Pro for the UAV and LiDAR

Once we successfully passed the trial of 2.2 km railroad, the client sent the input files as satellite images and blank LAZ files and the highlight of the scope. Based on the reference, a team of eight engineers scaled the images, measured the distance of 250 railway yards, and highlighted it. Within one and a half months, we accomplished the project and shared the filled LAZ files with all the highlighted paths and measurements between the railway tracks with an accuracy of 3-4 meters ±, as mutually agreed by the client and us. The client was happy with the output.


Remarkable Benefits for the Client

The client received accurate measurement and highlight on the railroad, along with a 40% benefit on cost, within the stipulated timeframe. They were highly satisfied with the output from the highly skilled, trained and experienced resources of Back Office Pro