Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membrane Manufacturer in the USA Received Outstanding Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

CFD Simulation Analysis summery

Client Profile- Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membrane Manufacturer in the USA

The client manufactures MF / UF ultrafiltration ceramic membrane for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment reuse. Based in the USA, the client is a ceramic manufacturing company. The technology comprises near-inert ceramic materials. The product design and automated manufacturing technology provide a robust and authentic. They have expanded their capabilities of production over the five-fold to produce a new ceramic ultrafiltration membrane module, which is more economical. They have also started a unit for manufacturing operations for state-of-art ceramic in Germany.

Client Requirement: Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

The client is coming up with a new water purification product and wants to check how best it can work. They were in search of an engineering firm that can help them in performing an analysis of the fluid property, its flow rate, pressure, velocity, and density. BOP offered them a unique solution to Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis for their complex requirement.

Initial Challenges involved in the Project

Understanding the function of the product initially was a challenge. Initially. However, senior engineers and their expertise helped to overcome the challenge easily.

Back office Pro’s Customized Solution for Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Once we received the process documents, CAD files from the client, we used software Ansys and followed the steps below:

  • We checked the model integrity for lost data, irregular edges and did the Geometric cleanup
  • The following step was Meshing and sending the report to the client
  • Next was to apply loading conditions, a property of the fluid, the flow rate, and pressure
  • Test Simulation was done, and with the result, a draft report was prepared to make sure all the assumed information is correct and was shared with the client
  • Once we got approval, we ran a full-scale simulation and sent the final detailed report to the client.


Key benefits at Client’s End

The client got the tough combination of the skills and the best suggestion on design optimization based on our Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis. They were highly satisfied with the analysis reports we shared.