Outsourcing Competitive Intelligence Services

BOP’s advanced research and analysis capabilities are a boon to pharmaceutical research companies who are on the lookout for outsourcing partners to lighten the load. Our teams assist in providing sophisticated competitive intelligence in the two primary concerns of drug development: clinical challenges and market position. At times when the influx of research projects is more than your in-house team can bear; BOP can help you fulfill your pharmaceutical clients’ research requirements while simultaneously eliminating the financial burden of training new employees or onboarding of skilled staff.

BOP assembles custom teams including Ph.D.-level specialists with expertise in each of the drug-development phases, making use of cutting-edge competitive intelligence tools and processes. We create clear, logical, and conclusive analyses using tools such as competitive landscaping, and analysis of franchise portfolios. Additionally, we make use of scenario development, war games, comparative matrixes, to assist pharmaceutical market research companies in harnessing the full power of knowledge, putting it to their client’s best use.

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BOP’s Competitive Intelligence Skillsets

The combined skill set of research scientists, data analysts, and project managers includes:

  • Subject matter specialists with Ph.D. in pharmacology, biology, life sciences, engineering, mathematics, and statistics, marketing.
  • Expertise in the fields of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety.
  • Significant expertise on both the commercial side and the scientific side of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Experienced market researchers, data analysts, and data collection officers.
  • Dedicated project managers and support personnel that act as a liaison between our specialists and the client.
  • Our mixed team can develop an extensive array of specific Competitive Intelligence tools and processes. These include competitive landscapes, scenario development, war games, competitor lifecycle profiles, science mapping, comparative matrix development, and franchise portfolio analyses.
  • Additional expertise in related fields such as healthcare, med tech, genetics and global development.
  • In-depth understanding of the stage-by-stage drug-development processes, through comprehensive and extensive research in the industry over recent years.
  • Extensive experience in analyzing marketing delivery processes, across the industry-specific marketing spectrum, including pricing and positioning, as well as the promotional mix.
  • Experience with key procedures in B2B demand generation programs, for example, platforms such as Eloqua and Salesforce.
  • A full array of professional tools and platforms to support research processes, including surveys, data integration, and forecasting.
  • Strong digital and content marketing knowledge to identify competitors’ online presence and paywall strategy.
  • Experienced in the analysis and integration of pharmacometrics information to map the transition of drug development milestones/decision boards.
  • Years of experience in analyzing model-based methods in pre-clinical and clinical drug development. This includes the application of pharmacometrics methods to drug development.
  • Experience in delivering data intelligence support for global scientific improvement initiatives, including data analysis, and the evaluation of medicine safety data.
  • Established research procedures with regulatory agencies and other authoritative sources such as Adverse Event (AE) databases, for example, FDA (AERS) and Vigibase
  • Target identification We identify the targets from validation of human targets and biological entities, including proteins, genes, and RNA in support for network-based drug discovery.
  • Talent mapping and sales force assessmentThis includes talent pool, talent mapping, talent migration, talent pipelining, proactive recruitment, sales force re-positioning, and commercial team training.
  • Product positioning strategies This includes the competitors’ value proposition, engagement pyramids, payer/physician perception. We also suggest on the intentions to prescribe, barriers to prescribe, and refill rates.
  • Product pipeline and product life-cycle management This include taking into account time constraints, insights on first move advantage and patent expiration, materials, resources and capital projections, multiple products, and development stages overlap, assessments of risk and reward, success and failure probabilities.

Competitive Intelligence Services We Offer

  • Competitor’s R&D strategy This includes preclinical and clinical pipeline coverage, trial profiles, drug R&D landscape, development history, licensing information, molecular structure, and historical trends.
  • Marketing Distribution Channel Analysis New entrants, existing partnerships, key opinion leaders, key influential physicians, key advocacy influence, coverage rate, promotional expenditure, prescription share.
  • Key Message Analysis We perform the analysis of brand strengths regarding name recognition, the perception of quality, brand values, and price premium. There is also a focus on consumer’s responses, perceptions, and intentions.

Benefits of BOP Competitive Intelligence Services

  • Working with BackOffice Pro gives agencies access to an invaluable array of assets ranging from tools and procedures for research and analysis projects to industry-leading subject matter specialists from various sub-fields within the drug development industry.
  • Our delivery process ensures that subject matter expert will curate, edit, and augment the data with the use of cutting-edge visualization tools, greatly improving the accessibility of the information.
  • At BOP, we develop custom packages for our clients, significantly cutting costs. Our internal processes are efficiently scheduled to ensure that top experts are engaged at critical points in the project.
  • Outsourcing these time consuming and highly specialized tasks to experienced professionals at BOP shows results from month one.
  • Once the methods of harnessing the required intelligence have been developed, providing updates becomes a fast, convenient and cost-effective process. This is an ongoing benefit of outsourcing competitive intelligence to BOP.
  • Our team has access to the top industry-related databases and platforms to ensure the swift collection of the necessary data required to kick-start each project.
  • Partnering with an experienced pharmaceutical intelligence provider allows you to feed off our combined expertise and experience gathered from past projects.


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