Competitive Analysis Study for the Print MIS Software company in the USA

Competitive Analysis Study summery

Client Profile - USA Based Print MIS Software company

The client is a US based Private Equity Firm that does important research related to pension funds in different American states and the manner in which these funds are being invested. They needed a reliable offshore partnering solution and since they had already availed of the services of BackOffice Pro earlier, they approached us once again.

Initial Challenges involved in the Project

The biggest challenge was to gauge the marketing strategies and funneling through the sales channels as most of the companies were start-ups. Hence it was very difficult for us to collect the data. However, with experts in our team, we overcame the hurdle.

Client Requirement: Competitive Analysis Study

The client wanted to have a competitive analysis study for 20 players in the Printing industry. They wanted a clear understanding of the company overviews and strengths, products and solutions, value propositions, financial revenues, number of customers, pricing matrix and more. The client was looking for an outsourcing partner who had the expertise in market research, competitive analysis and could complete the project within the expected deadline. So, they held hands with BOP to get the best results.

Back office Pro Solution for Competitive Analysis Study

The BOP has taken extraordinary steps to reach the goals:

  • We created the company overviews for 20 companies in the printing industry listing their value proposition, products, and services, features and descriptions.
  • We noted down the Major complaints about the Software, Lacking points/weakness of the Software
  • Followed with the list of Financial, Pricing Matrix, Customers, Number of Customers and their complaints, Packages, Marketing Strategies, and Sales Channels.
  • We have done a complete competitive analysis and shared the report with the client.


Remarkable Benefits for the Client

The client received the track of emerging players (competitors in the market), which helped them define their strategies. The client was highly satisfied with our services and signed up with us for a few more project contracts.