Back office Pro Provided Image Enhancement Services to Arizona-based Real Estate Photography Company

Real Estate Image Enhancement

Client Profile- Arizona-based Real Estate Photography Company

Based out in Arizona, the client is par excellence in real estate photography and videography, offering outstanding services to residential and commercial properties. They specialize in HD videos, virtual tours, HDR photos, 3D Immersive Interactive Floor plan, and aerial photos.

The client serves each of their customers with an individualized solution and ensures that they receive the best quality real estate images to list their properties. The company made its name in Arizona and Colorado with a team of veteran working together to meet the goals of their real estate customers.

Challenges that BackOffice Pro Faced in Real Estate Image Enhancement Project

The client expected the delivery within 12-hours, which was initially a hurdle. We crossed it by scaling up our resources to deliver a huge volume per day. Our team manually checked the input documents uploaded in the FTP that we created for the client.

Client Requirement: Real Estate Image Enhancement

The client is a renowned real estate photography and videography company. They wanted to outsource their real estate photo enhancement task and came across BackOffice Pro. The expertise, the exposure and the success stories of BOP over decades have impressed the client, and they partnered with us to convert all the stack of daylight images to twilight shots.

Real Estate Enhancement

Tailored Process of the BOP to Accomplish Real Estate Image Enhancement Project

BOP forged a systematic approach towards the project:

  • We developed an FTP for the client
  • The client sent all the input jpeg files of the images through the FTP.
  • A team of two experts worked on the project to enhance the images and convert them into twilight shots.
  • The images were shared with the client through the same FTP.
  • We started with 20-25 images per day but based on our quality output; the client increased the volume to 300 images per day.


Benefits the Client Gained Partnering with BOP

The client had a quick requirement of the twilight images. Partnering with BOP, they saved time and 60% of the cost receiving exceptional twilight images. They were highly satisfied and signed up BOP for ongoing projects.