Women Garment Brand in Denmark Saves Time and Cost with the Best Clipping Image Service

Product image cliping Summery

Client Profile- Women Garment Brand in Denmark

Based in Denmark, and founded in 2003, the client is a family-owned brand of lingerie. Over eighty years, the client has earned a name in the retail space with all its products for women. Their product is the obvious choice for women who follow the modern trends and exclusive department stores and eCommerce stores in Scandinavia. The collections are developed and designed with the utmost care and knowledge from their partners in the market. The designs are created keeping the bestselling styles, seasons and perfect fittings in mind and for every month of the year at the best affordable price. The brand bestows the feeling of longing and luxury for every day.

Client Requirement: Clipping Images

The client is the biggest women's clothing brand in Denmark. They were looking for a company that can help them in clipping images for their products. BOP assisted them in getting the best deliverables.

Initial Challenges involved in the Project

Time was a major challenge in the project as the client wanted us to deliver 700 images within 24 hours. This seemed to be an uphill task initially. However, our experienced team prioritized the project and had successfully delivered the desired requirement.

Customized Solution of Back office Pro for Clipping Images

Once we received the JPEG files, we worked on Photoshop following the below steps:

  • We corrected the product color -, according to the grey-card.
  • The next step was doing the product clipping path
  • We created the transparent background followed with cropping size tightly (Trimming) - 1-pixel gap on the images
  • The images were aligned to the center along with the RGB color mode
  • The Metadata were removed
  • Product Rotation was done, and the files were renamed
  • Then we submitted the files to the client in PNG format.


Key Benefits for the Client

The client received the volume of 700 clipping images within 24 hours. They were highly satisfied with the quality delivered and signed a contract for ongoing projects.