Photography Service Provider Gets Real Estate Photo Editing Assistance of 400 Hotel Properties

Hospitality Photography Summery

Client Profile - Photography and Videography Company in the USA

Based in USA, the client is a renowned photography and videography service provider specializing in hospitality industry worldwide. Their core areas are architectural and lifestyle photography, concierge, 2D and 3D meeting, 360° virtual tours and more. They had been helping their clients with the best photographs and video to promote their visual marketing collaterals. They guarantee the finest quality with every brand continuing to make a strategic business decision, along with maintaining a strong client relation ensuring profitable growth.

Client Requirement: Real Estate Photo Editing

The client was looking for partnering with an image editing company to edit a huge volume of 400 hotel properties including exterior and interior. They desired to enter a long-term relationship with the best company when they came across the expertise at BOP. Being highly satisfied with the trial of thirty outputs, they signed up with us and received the best real estate photo editing and auto blending services.

Initial Challenges Involved in the Project

In the initial phase, the high volume of 12000 images and resources to handle this were challenging. However, our editors extended extra hours and we added additional resources to combat the challenges.

Customized Solution of BackOffice Pro for Real Estate Photo Editing

BOP devised a customized plan to bring out the best output using Photoshop and Lightroom:

  • We started with shadow and highlight adjustments followed with color correction
  • Then the lens and perspective adjustment and sharpening of the images were done
  • The levels were adjusted, followed by noise reduction.
  • The sky replacement of the exterior parts of the properties was the next step.
  • White balancing, Brightness & contrast adjustment, Tone adjustment were made.
  • The images were then straightened vertically & horizontally, the TV screen was replaced, and a fire was added to the fireplace.
  • HDR bracketing with indoor window replacement and window sky replacement was done.
  • The last step was grass replacement following which the images were saved in jpeg and png format and shared with the client

Additionally, we created FTP credentials for file transferring and we worked on Monday to Saturday to work on the volume.


Key Benefits for the Client

The client was happy with the high-quality output, along with saving 50% on cost and more than a month in terms of time. They signed up with us for an ongoing project.