HDR Image Blending services to Guinness Book Winner

HDR Image Blending Project

Client Profile- US-based Realtor Marketing Strategist

The client is a realtor marketing strategist based in the USA, providing its services in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas. Their service lines surround professional photography, online reports, lead capture, market monitoring.

Launched in 2007, the client won the Guinness Book of World record, for ‘the greatest number of properties sold”, the client helps their clients to sell properties 10 to 30 days faster than others.

The unique selling point of the client is the combination of technology and expertise in creating processes to save time and money.

Client Requirement: HDR Image Blending

The client is into real estate marketing, helping their customers to sell properties. They wanted a partner to help them with HDR panorama stitching transforming daytime and front façade images which to twilight images. Collaborating with BOP, they received the best quality images owing to our immense experience.

Initial Challenges in HDR Image Blending

The client gave us a trial to which we complied successfully. However, initially, the challenge was to counter with the huge volume of the project. With proper resource planning, we were able to cover the hurdle and make the client happy.

Real Estate Enhancement

Steps Towards Achieving the HDR Image Blending Project

  • The client took a trial, and we qualified in it.
  • They sent us the .jpeg images with daytime exposure, through FTP that we had created for them to transfer files.
  • A team size of 4 experts worked on panorama image stitching of the property and converting the daytime images to twilight images using Photoshop – Auto Blending.
  • We started with delivered 20 properties per day which are equal to 680 images and scaled up to 34 properties a day owing to our competence with volume and quality.
  • Once done, we shared the finished jpeg files with the client through SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) by the team.


Benefits at Client’s End

The client was very happy with our exceptional output. They were is Guinness Book for the “greatest number of properties sold,” and we were able to match up with their expectation enabling them to save 60% of the cost.