Real Estate Firm Saved 40% On a Bulk Order of HDR Blending and Portrait Image Editing

HDR Blending and Portrait Image Editing

The Client - Professional Online Property Specialists

With years of in-depth experience regarding professional real estate and sales, the client is a firm of housing and property procurers and providers. Concentrating mainly on sales more than renting, they have created a reputation in offering high-quality properties at reasonable prices to any would-be homeowners.

Going beyond the old school methods of signs along roads and pamphlets alone, they have created a professional web portal that serves as an online property hub for all of their clients. Including house details, quality images, and highlights they have dedicated their years to ensuring every house sale is handled in the highest regard and to the benefit of all parties involved.

Requirements for the Portrait Image Editing Project

The client approached our team at BackOffice Pro (BOP) with project requirements involving real estate HDR blending and portrait image editing. The portrait images were taken at some of their most popular properties that they wanted to showcase. We were required to provide editing support to enhance the images to be used on their online portal. The delivery requirement specified by the client were - 3 real estate images and 100 portrait images per day.

Challenges Tackled by Our Real Estate Image Editing Team

While working on this project, the main challenges our image editing support team faced were due to the high volume of daily output requirements and the images involving a variety of angles and details. Also, the numerous areas of the properties needed to be worked on as well as a large amount of staff profile images to be edited were additional challenge.

To deal with these difficulties, we assigned the most experienced team members to this project who have specifically worked on real estate image editing projects with complex requirements. While meeting the required turnaround time, we also ensured the quality of the deliverables by using the latest editing software and infrastructure.

Research Firm Team

Process Followed to Achieve the Quality HDR Blending

In order to ensure each and every required image was edited and delivered according to specifications, our team applied professional attention to detail that we are known for. Our process was as follows:

  • Real Estate Images:
  • Once we successfully completed the trial phase, the client sent us the actual set of images via email.
  • We filtered the images in multiple exposures and uploaded them onto Adobe Photoshop.
  • To get the right effects, we applied manual blending techniques to each image.
  • We used EnfuseGUI to blend different exposures.
  • Each batch of shots was sent to our QC for quality checking.
  • And sent the images to the client.
  • Portrait Images:
  • We received the portrait images via Dropbox.
  • Our main edits involved color and exposure correction, as well as retouching effects.
  • Once a batch of images was complete, we sent them to the client for a final check.

Takeaways from This HDR Blending and Portrait Editing Project

At BackOffice Pro, we strive to provide a high level of professional excellence to each and every project we take on. We understand the demanding pressures of the retail industry and appreciate the level of quality our client needed to successfully complete these tasks. Because the client chose to enlist the services, we were not only able to go beyond their expectations but also save them time and money.

Due to this they were very impressed by our work and have since signed another contracts with us. Even in the new projects, we are sure to create a successful and mutually beneficial working relationship.