Tool Shadow Visual Graphics for Generations Old British Food Services Company

Tool Shadow Graphics Synopsis

The Client - Specialists in Food Safety, Hygiene & Visual Management

In business for over five generations, the client is a veteran firm dealing with food and safety compliance. Their major goals include striving for continuous improvements, minimizing downtime, improving efficiency, reducing consumable expenditure, and improving compliance.

Their range of services includes material handling, spill containment and control, specialist food PPE, and installation. The client’s products include shadow boards and utensil storage, squeegees, scouring and cleaning pads, detectable equipment, and production equipment.

Requirements for the Tool Shadow Graphic Design Project

After finding our details through a Google search, the client approached BackOffice Pro (BOP) with the project involving 200 images of tools on their web portal. We were required to create shadow graphic designs of these tools for more enhanced visual effect. The tools had been placed on graph paper when they were photographed, and we were required to use the same background when applying the shadow graphic effects.

Challenges Tackled by BOP’s Graphic Design Team

After starting on this project, the main challenges that our team faced were due to the description and dimensions received from the client, as well as the low light exposed images. Working with images that had little to no description or dimensions included made it difficult to create a shadow graphic with the correct measurements for the client’s website.

Similarly, the low light exposure also meant a few of the provided images were already dark, so when a shadow graphic was applied the cracks, grooves, and edges of the images became too apparent and unattractive.

In order to deal with these difficulties, our team went over and above the required specifications and searched for similar images to perform detail comparisons. We also kept an open line of communication with the client at all times. In cases of extreme image distortion, we ran the images through state-of-the-art software to enhance them or touch up the details.

Adopting a Step-Wise Process for the Shadow Design Assignment

At BackOffice Pro, graphic design service is one of our primary creative services and our designers are highly trained and experienced in such projects. We assigned one dedicated team member to work on this project. To further improve our service offering, we prepared custom priority queues for the client in case of ad-hoc or urgent requests. Our step-by-step process was as follows:

  • We began the process by having an in-depth meeting with the client in order to ascertain exactly what was needed.
  • The client sent us the images needing design detail in JPEG file formats.
  • We started creating the required graph background according to each tool’s dimensions and needs and sent these drafts to the client for approval.
  • Next, we created the shadows of the tools in Adobe Illustrator and placed the shadow images on the graph board.
  • The final images were converted into pdf from the Illustrator file and sent to the client for review.


End Benefits – Quick Turnaround Time and Flawless Deliverables

By outsourcing this project to us, the client received the exact shadow images they required for their website. Our outputs were of such a superior quality that we did not receive a single rework request. We also provided a quick turnaround time and flawless accuracy. Because of the services rendered, the client was immensely impressed and has since signed more contracts with us.