Outsourcing Sticker Design Creation Work for Bikes Saves Client 70% Cost

Case Study Synopsis

The Client - Leading Sticker Design Creation Service Company

The client is part of the group whose primary purpose is industrial machinery work for popular and big international companies. The client, founded in 1989, has more than 100 employees working for them with production facilities in three countries.

Requirements for the Sticker Designs for Automobile Project

The client wanted us to work on the design aspect of the bike stickers. The required files were shared with us through file transfer software. We were expected to work on those files and upload them on the software so that the client could retrieve it whenever they wanted.

Challenges Tackled by Our Team

The team had to face the challenge of handling a huge volume of orders and completing it within a stipulated time-frame. One full-time employee having to handle 100-250 requests in a month was undoubtedly challenging initially.

The team overcame these challenges and exceeded client expectations. By establishing transparent communication at every level with the client, the team made sure that we are on the right track and worked to meet the client’s requirements. We also hired one additional designer to cater to the enormous work volume.

A Stepwise Process was Adopted

Our two-member designer team was expected to spend not more than half an hour on each order. Hence, they had to be extremely quick. We first did a sample trial to understand the scope of work. Once the client was satisfied with what they received, they began sending orders to create stickers for bikes.

We Incorporated a Step-by-Step Process

  • Orders to create bike stickers were sent through file transfer software (FTP)
  • We downloaded files from the FTP application, and the designers would work as per the given requirement.
  • The next process was to perform quality control on each of the design created based on the checklist provided to us by the client.
  • The last step was to upload the file to the software


End Results

By choosing to outsource sticker design to BackOffice Pro, the client saved an average of 70% in design cost. It also ensured the client a smoother operation, quick turnaround time, and no stress!

The client was delighted with the quality of the designs. They were also glad that our designers were able to adhere to tight deadlines. We have since then received more work from the client.

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