US Based Food Display Product Manufacturing Company Saved $60,000 by Outsourcing Mechanical Design

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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the major mechanical engineering companies in India offering efficient product designs and development, with high quality and creativity. We are the trusted partner of various global product manufacturing companies owing to our quality product design and development services.


Meet the Client

The Client is a leading global firm in food display products space, based in the US.

Objective of the Mechanical Design Project

The objective of the project was to get custom mechanical designs for various product development needs within a brief period.



10 Mechanical Designs

Client’s Challenges Before Outsourcing Mechanical Design Needs

The client’s jump in sales required a capable delivery partner who could deliver top quality mechanical designs for custom products quickly. They were looking for an offshore partner with proficiency in mechanical design and creating customized products according to the targeted market and customers.

Additionally, they required the blueprints for both prototypes and eventually manufacturing. The designs had to be precise to minimize error in prototype and manufacturing. This was crucial to ensure the period limitations of the client.

Mechanical Engineering Design Support from BOP

We pursued the design, manufacturing guidelines and conferred with the client through teleconference and online help to get a better understanding of the systems, processes, requirements, and the functionality of the product. A dedicated channel over the internet was used to train our team further. Constant quality checks and defect tracking were introduced to ensure error-free delivery.

After the required modifications, requisite programs were designed and implemented for the repetition of the task. We had to make exact designs, which was achieved with experience. At the beginning of the task, we needed 2-3 iterations with repeated quality checks. Now our programs and prototypes are accepted almost instantly. Most errors are detected internally, and the client is delivered a near-perfect product. This has also speeded up our processes. By now, we have delivered ten projects in as many months.

Mechanical Engineering Design Takeaways

The many-fold benefits to our client include:

  • Confirming to tight schedules with better design execution
  • Immense cost saving, up to the tune of $60,000
  • Access to a flexible and transparent outsourcing partner
  • Prompt scale-up of capabilities and workforce when required

Although the client initially approached us for our cost-saving benefits, they were soon won over by our comprehensive, excellence, and professional approach to the task at hand. Their satisfaction can be realized because they have now asked us for our outsourcing expertise in financial services. The client has retained us for other services like BOM implementation through MRP software at the market (through a secured inter-network connection) and PDM processes.

Mechanical BIM CTA

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