BOP Assists Client with Innovative Marketing Mapping Solution through Large Scale Data Entry Support

About the Client

The client is an online provider of European travel packages for the leisure market. With a large amount of back office work to be completed, the client was eager to reduce their overhead costs and reduce the pressure on their existing team. They offer travel guides and planning services to customers in over 11 countries.

Project Requirement

The client needed a reliable outsourcing partner to handle their process of creating allocations and uploading them to their site. By partnering with us, our client saved substantially on costs and relieved the excess stress on their internal staff.

Solutions by BackOffice Pro

BOP’s accomplished team of experienced analysts began the project with in-depth discussions with the client. These sessions built a deeper understanding of the client’s vision and the desired outputs.

Four team members were assigned to work exclusively on this project. This core team received training for a week and supplied the client with sample outputs for approval. BOP set the team’s quality target at 95% for the duration of the training cycle.

The client supplied frequent feedback which was welcomed to fine-tune the production process for improved completion times.

Project Challenges

  • The project requirements were extensive and demanding, which required every ounce of our team’s expertise and experience.
  • Each of the different packages offered by our client came with its own unique data files.
  • The immense scope of the task combined with a short project life cycle and looming deadline was somewhat of a hurdle.
  • The team adapted to frequent changes and alterations to the task to reach a final product that was validated and approved.
  • One of the biggest challenges was the lack of first-hand experience with certain travel destinations and coming to terms with unfamiliar geographies.


Project Takeaways

The unique challenges posed by this task grew the team’s capabilities and provided our client with their required allocations. The project has become an ongoing task, following the client’s appreciation for the effort and quality outputs by the team.