BackOffice Pro Provided Accurate Sports Data Entry Services to Dublin based Analytics Company

Our Dublin-based Analytics Client

The client is an Online Analytics Company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland that provides video playback and statistical analysis of rugby games. Using in-house software to identify and index footage and calculate data points, information is transformed into understandable, manageable sections that can be utilized by coaches and players.

The Client’s Sports Data Entry Requirements

The client was seeking a partner to outsource a portion of their data entry work to. BackOffice Pro was tasked with capturing data from footage of rugby games and deliver accessible data back to the teams. The video footage was to be watched, and each player’s actions referenced and tagged with the software while keeping up with specific format and budgetary constraints.

What Were Our Challenges

The unique nature of the task required in-depth familiarization with the game and rules of rugby. Players would need to be recognized and tagged into the software by name to facilitate tracking and analysis of their movements. The team had to familiarize themselves with the hand signals and gestures used by the referees.

How We Did It All Right

A team of representatives first held meetings with the client to build a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements.

  • Our team adhered to our proven step-wise process throughout the project.
  • Thorough research on the rules of rugby was carried out.
  • The team aligned their understanding of the game, as well as the key terms and phrases with the client’s vision.
  • The data points were entered with accuracy and integrity, in accordance with the client’s requirements.


The Project Benefits

The project deliverables were made available to the client on time, and were accepted by the client at the very first delivery. The client received high-quality data visualizations to hand over to the respective teams. The BackOffice Pro team gained experience and in-depth understanding of the sports data entry and optimized the project process to be utilized for similar future projects.