Database of 6,00,000 Emails Helped a Leading Construction and Development Contractor in Florida in Targeting their Prospects

Data Mining

Client Profile: Leading Construction and Development Contractor in Florida

The client is a leading construction and development contractor for commercial and residential roofing and mobile home installation since 2001. They work tirelessly to ensure the home safety process exceeding their clients’ expectations.

Client Requirement: Data Mining Services

The client had a requirement of data mining of email addresses of CEOs and owners of small restaurants, web designing companies, graphic designing companies, SOD installers, solar companies across the USA. They found BackOffice Pro and lured with our expertise; they hired us for their project.

Initial Challenges in the Project

The volume of procuring six lakhs emails seemed a challenge initially, but a strategic approach and resource allotment helped us to overcome the problem with ease. We started with sharing 1000 emails per day and scaled it up to 3000 emails a day.

The Custom-made Process from BOP for the Project

The client had put us on a trial test, and once we were successful, we started providing 1000 emails per day. We added more resources to scale up to 3000 emails to 5000 emails a day, complying with all their guidelines and criteria.


Advantages for the Client

The client got a massive volume of email databases from each of their target markets to promote their product. They were highly satisfied with our output and contracted with us for a long-term business relationship.