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About the Client – Tokyo Based AI Technology Company

Based out of Tokyo, the client has extensive industry experience in artificial intelligence, automated reasoning, and natural language processing. The company utilizes artificial intelligence to identify cognitive biases through comparative analysis in conversations. Conversation analysis includes psychoanalysis of potential candidates for jobs, measuring job interviews, improving business communications, and sales pitch.

Qualitative data (human thoughts and judgment) translates into quantifiable insights with the help of their in-house proprietary technology. With the technology focused on conversation analysis, the client is continuously creating multifaceted cognitive tools and services, aimed at quantifying communication.

Project Requirement and Client Expectations - Audio Transcription

The client decided to outsource audio transcription to us. The project scope was to transcribe multiple audios that included (interviewing candidates for jobs) audio clips of 30 min duration. The transcribed interview needed to be later segmented based on different themes such as personal life, career, education, and so on. This process is also known as data segmentation.





30 minutes per audio


15-20 Audio Transcription per day

Challenges Involved in the Audio Transcription

The client wanted attentive transcribers with a good grasp of grammar and spelling intricacies. The team had to be carefully hand-picked since the audio had to be listened to carefully and summarized as per specific themes. Two of the challenges facing the team was high volume and tight deadlines.

  • The client wanted 15-20 audios to be transcribed each day. This was a humongous task with a team size of not more than 15-20 people.
  • Another huge challenge was the cut-off time of one hour for a 30-minute file.

BackOffice Pro Process and Solution for Audio Transcription Requirement

The challenge is multifold when a 30-minute file must be delivered in a short time-frame (one hour). After much discussion, we set up two teams - one for transcription and another for data entry. The entire process involved:

  • The client shared audio using cloud computing (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc)
  • Once we received the audio files from the client, we assigned two resources to work on one audio.
  • While one transcribed the audio, the other employee would take that transcribed text and segment the paragraphs into different themes (personal, career, education, etc.).
  • The well-formatted file was then emailed to the client in word or excel format.

End Result – Satisfied Client Continue to Work Together

This project of audio transcription and data segmentation was hugely successful.

  • Benefits at the client’s end – The client was able to save up to 60% by outsourcing their work to us. Moreover, they could accomplish two duties - transcription and data entry.
  • Benefits at our end: We have another success story to showcase our credibility before prospective customers. The delighted client managed to achieve their target most cost-effectively. So, they continue to work with us, which speaks volumes about their trust in our capability to deliver.
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