A US Company Leading in Education Sector Received Exceptional Audio Transcription at Affordable Pricing

The Client

The Client is a leading company in the education sector, based in the US.

The Project

The client had amassed audio recordings for a number of lectures, seminars, and business meetings. Now they wanted audio transcriptions of these recordings. This was the first time they were working with an offshore service provider.

The Challenges

This project posed quite a few challenges for us.

  • The foremost challenge for us was posed by the very bad quality of the input data. This was because the client was using such equipment for the first time and did not know how to handle them properly.
  • On top of that, we had to work with massive amounts of data. Despite this, we had to maintain very high standard of quality.
  • The client was looking for the triple mix of easy methods, reasonable prices, and top-notch quality.

The Back Office Pro Solution

Our team of transcriptionists went beyond the client specifications to deliver a product of the highest quality, while instructing the client. This involved a methodical application of the following steps:

  • Trial: To ease the client’s doubts and skepticism, we decided to provide them with a free trial. The result was far beyond their assumptions. We won their confidence, eventually getting the entire project.
  • Pricing: Given our high standard of output, we offered extremely reasonable prices.
  • Training: Going much beyond our brief, our skilled and experienced team of transcriptionists worked on training the client’s employees on better handling their audio equipment. Apart from that, we guided and advised them in procuring additional recording items, such as lapel microphones. These devices would be of help to them in improving their audio recording quality, eventually improving the accuracy of the transcriptions.


The Result

Our services earned us a very delighted client. Back Office Pro gave them:

  • International standard transcription services, despite the extremely poor quality of the recordings
  • Short turnaround time
  • Long-term vision with additional training for the client staff

With the triple combination of high quality, short turnaround time, and extremely competitive pricing, the client was very impressed. They were particularly appreciative of our extra effort and our long-term vision. As a result of our dedicated service, the client is now a long-term client of ours.