Leading Company in the US in Education Sector Did Away With their Amassed Audio Transcription Backlogs with Outsourcing

Audio Transcription Assistance at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers a wide spectrum of audio transcription services for TV and radio shows, lectures, voicemails, podcasts, business meetings, etc. for various industries. We adhere to the ISO quality engaging in 2-step quality checks to deliver a precise quality meeting the client’s requirement. We take pride in easing out the clients’ transcription loads when there are an influx and time constraints. Our partners trust us not only for the quality we deliver but also for punctuality.


Meet the Client: A Company in the Education Sector in the US

The client is a leading company in the education sector, based in the US, facilitating audio and video recordings and transcriptions for the universities, schools, and institutes.

Objective of the Audio Transcription Need

The primary goal was to decipher the massive backlog of audio transcription of piled up recorded lectures, seminars, meetings, and more.




Client’s Challenge with Audio Transcription

The client had amassed audio recordings for several lectures, seminars, and business meetings with low-quality recording and input data. They wanted very high-quality audio transcriptions of these recordings. Coming across BackOffice Pro, they were convinced by our top-notch quality, easy process, and affordable rates. They hired us as their back-office partner.

Audio Transcription Support at BackOffice Pro

The transcriptionists at BOP went beyond the client specifications to deliver a product of the highest quality. To ease the client’s doubts and skepticism, we decided to provide them a free trial. The result was far beyond their assumptions. We won their confidence, eventually got the entire project. Given our high standard of output, we offered extremely reasonable prices.

Our skilled and experienced team of transcriptionists worked on training the client’s employees to handle their audio equipment better beyond our brief. Apart from that, we guided and advised them to procure additional recording items, such as lapel microphones. These devices would help them improve their audio recording quality, eventually enhancing the accuracy of the transcriptions.

Audio Transcription Outcome

With the triple combination of high quality, short turnaround time, and extremely competitive pricing, the client was very impressed. They were incredibly appreciative of our extra effort and our long-term vision. As a result of our dedicated service, the client received the benefits below, turning out to be our long-term client:

  • International standard transcription services, despite the inferior quality of the recordings
  • Output at a short turnaround time
  • Long-term vision with additional training for the client staff
Audio Transcription Services CTA

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The transcriptionists at BOP are adept with key transcription skills such as attention to detail and keen listening abilities. They deliver projects with high precision. If you are looking to partner with an outsourcing company to offload your transcription needs, contact us today to know how we can assist you.

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