US Based Marketing Agency Turned to Outsourcing Model to Cut Transcription Requirement Cost

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About the Client - Renowned Marketing Agency in the USA

The client is the chairman of a well-known marketing agency, based in the US. The agency is into many brand promotion campaigns including those involving a number of Fortune 500 companies. The client wanted audio transcriptions services from a reliable provider.

Client’s Requirement – Audio Transcription

The client was writing a book, however, there wasn’t enough time to devote to it because of the busy schedule. To work around it, thoughts would be recorded whenever there was time. By now a large number of recordings were amassed and the client was on the lookout for an audio transcription service to transcribe them.

There were about 100 transcriptions of variable lengths. From the smallest file of 2-3 minutes to the longest file lasting 45 minutes, we had to work with a range of audio files. Our greatest challenge was in working within the short time frame we had. Our client sent us 3 to 4 audio files a day, taking the total amount of recorded time to a 4-hour average. These had to be transcribed and delivered to the client the next day, giving us very little turnaround time.





100 Audio Files

Various Range

2 minutes – 45 minutes

BackOffice Pro’s Audio Transcription Solution

After taking into accounts the details of the work in hand, we decided to carry out the project through one of our international delivery centers. This center already had experienced transcribers who had worked on similar projects and timelines. The main features for our transcription solution were:

  • Delivery in short time span as demanded by the client
  • Meticulous precision maintained
  • Work of extremely high standard delivered
  • Satisfied client
  • Reasonable rates

Our thorough and efficient service was much appreciated by the client. The client was impressed with our precise timekeeping without any dilution in quality.

Results on the Audio Transcription Solution from BackOffice Pro

The client was satisfied with the general progress of the project and the high standards of our work. The client was able to obtain the following benefits from our service:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Maintenance of high precision of the transcriptions meant fewer modifications had to be carried out
  • Considerable cost saving by the client because of our reasonable rates
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