BOP Transposes 250,000 Raw XML Files and Increases the Average Number of Products from 2.5 to 10 thus exceeding The Client’s Expectancy Level By 5%

The Project

The main goal of the project was to transpose 250,000 raw XML files to the existing application of their choice. These were the following strict and yet varied objectives -

  • To improve the level of the company in terms of quality and also that of the output data from 30% to 90%
  • To take up the average input level of product from each company from 2.5 to 10
  • To verify and update the records of the company
  • To use the company’s site to generate products
  • To tally the products generated with the database of the client
  • To generate a more advanced taxonomy

The Main Challenges

If the solution of the project was to be a success, it wasn’t only necessary to take care of the development but also of the method of implementation of the assignment.

  • For the project to be a success both the development and the method of implementation of the assignment had to be taken care of.

This is because the client’s database contained a lot of vital info related to products, processes, industries and also library related data in the card formats.

  • Another significant challenge was to acquire duplicate records for many companies from whom only partial data was available.

This was a regularly updated database and hence the existing taxonomy also had to be provided with necessary value addition.

The BackOffice Pro Solution

Our panel of experts assigned to this task included domain experts, domain specific engineers and technical editors who quickly started working on it in a very brief period of time.

Throughout the entire process, our highly trained professionals maintained a quality level of 90%.

Due to our work, the client got an upgraded and value-added website. The goal of increasing the average number of products from 2.5 to 10 was also achieved along with a product collection of over 40 for 1000 different companies. We had hired manpower of 70 who were trained in two weeks which helped us the best possible outcome for the project.


The Results

Apart from providing the client with the desired website, the agency also maintained an overall quality level of 95% thus significantly beating the original expectation of 90%.

The customized software that was developed for the client’s needs greatly benefitted it and the process also witnessed increase in the quality and quantity aspects.

Moreover, BackOffice Pro managed to stick to the deadline of one week despite taking additional volume of work.