Market Research Insights Helped USA Based Marketing Consulting Firm to Make Better Strategies

Market Research summery

Client Profile - USA Based Marketing Consulting Firm

The client is a marketing consulting firm streamlined with client communication and supporting the power of SMS marketing. With years of experience and keeping assumptions at bay, they deal with every client with the same approach irrespective of big and small based on the data collected for each client. They help their client with real-time SMS response assistance, controlling the cost thereby increasing the earning.

Challenges faced by BOP

The challenging part being the competitive analysis of all start-ups. Therefore, it was getting difficult to acquire the data. With market research experts in our team, the challenge was smoothly dealt with to get the best outcome.

Client Requirement - Market Research

The client wanted to get a competitive analysis study for 20 players in IT services to get a complete company overview of players in the industry. They were looking for an outsourcing partner who had the expertise in market research, competitive analysis while delivering the project on time. So, they held hands with BackOffice Pro and received the desired market research.


Tailor-Made Solution of Back office Pro for Market Research

BOP strategized a step by step process to get to the solution:

  • We collected the company overview of the startup IT players, their product descriptions and services, features and pricing, industry segments.
  • Next, we collected the data of their duration in the industry, the Enterprise Level - API Integration Service Provider, Free Trial for basic services
  • FThe Sales process, discounts offered, incentives during the sales process, time is taken by a sales associate to respond to an inquiry, the competitive advantage was all noted, and a thorough competitive analysis was made.
  • We shared the report with the client.


Benefits for the Client

The client received an extensive insight into the key start-up IT players, which helped them in defining their strategies. They were highly satisfied and shared a few more projects with BOP.