Competitive Analysis Report Helped Global Strategic Management Firm in the USA to Improve their Clients’ Productivity

Market Research Summery

Client Profile- Global Strategic Management Firm in the USA

The client is a global strategic management firm that solves complex issues of both small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs with strategic management consultations. The streamlined process and services of the clients are meant for success for their clients. The broad range of services helps their customers’ companies to change, improve their productivity and performance and achieve their goals.

Client Requirement: Market Research

The client wanted to develop a total Market Landscape of barbershops Market in the U.S. They were looking for an outsourcing partner who had the expertise in market research, competitive analysis and could complete the project within the expected deadline.

Initial Challenges Involved in the Project

There was a huge count of barbershops in the market, and many of them were a startup. So, it was very hard to find data. However, our experts involved in extensive secondary market research to gather all details.

Market Analysis

Tailored Solution of Back office Pro for Market Research

After we received all the instructions from the client, we devised a step-by-step process to attain the goal of the project:

  • We collected the overview of Barber Shops Market in U.S. including the introduction of the shops the trending Styles
  • Thorough market analysis with the market size of the shops in the US was made.
  • We made a note of the growth trends in the barbershop market - by Haircuts - basic haircuts, haircuts with a shave, other styles and services, merchandise
  • Market Dynamics was prepared including - market drivers, restraints, opportunities
  • Industry SWOT Analysis of men’s haircare line was done
  • We did a competitive landscape noting the top players in the barbershop market in the US, the company profiles of top players, their pricing strategies based on different styling.

Significant Benefits for the Client

The client received a comprehensive competitive analysis on the market landscape of barber shops that helped them in keeping a track of the players and define their own strategies. The client was highly satisfied with our services and sharing more projects with us.