US Based Private Equity Firm Turned to Outsourcing and Gained Substantial Cost Saving with Quality Research Data

The Client

The client is a well-known private equity firm, based in the US. One of its specialties lies in financial analysis.

The Project

The client wanted a thorough research of pension funds run by different states in the US. The client had decided to hire BackOffice Pro for this research project since they had already worked with us. They were confident of our skill and ability to execute this project.

The Challenges

The client was looking for a thorough research on pension funds run by 20 states in the US. The comprehensive research would also include the pension fund’s investment into financial organizations. The investments are made so as to create more growth and generate earnings that will eventually benefit its investors.

They wanted a comprehensive report on distribution patterns and inclinations, which would be based on a thorough research. The client also requested the contact details of the main people in each fund along with the details of other notable people from these state.

The BackOffice Pro Solution

We started by constituting the main specialist team of chartered financial analysts. They were chosen for their experience in finance and equity. They worked from our offshore delivery centre from where we delivered our services to the client.

  • The team charted a plan of action that was based on the client’s requirements. This plan detailed the resources and infrastructure available and the way forward. It also specified the template of reports and presentations that would be made in the future. Finally, a schedule was prepared. This included deadlines for milestones.
  • To collect all the relevant data, the team then assessed various financial sources. This data was scrutinized with a meticulous and analytical eye to spot the distribution patterns and movements. The team then created detailed and organized reports with well-designed presentations. These were created with special emphasis on the client’s requirement for analytical data.
  • The client praised the precision and flair of our project. Importantly, this high quality project was finished in record four months. Our experience in the field helped us save time in this project. In fact, we even surpassed the high expectations the client had placed on us.


The Results

With the time and money our quick turnaround saved, the client was more than satisfied. They are now not just our regular customers, but have also recommended us to other prospective clients. Some of the key features of our work were as follows:

  • With our competitive rates, the client saved substantial funds
  • A fast turnaround time
  • International standard services
  • Overall outcome that surpassed the client’s expectations